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Even in our everyday world, people highly depend on opinions of others. Some say that it’s the worst habit humankind could have ever have, and that “if you fuel your journey on the opinions of others, you are going to run out of gas.” But for some of us, opinion is the key to improvement, so whose side are you on? The same is in the eCommerce world, where sellers highly depend on their customers’ reviews and feedback because they can either make you feel like a million bucks, or devastate you and ruin your career.

If you are an Amazon seller, then you should probably know that your account’s metrics highly depend on customers. Customers are prone to leaving reviews and feedback, which can boost seller’s listings if they are positive, of course. After all, customers listen to other customers, and not your listings (most of the time)! But if their opinion is unenthusiastic and off-putting, you’re out of luck! An Amazon seller suspension will not only give you the blues, but will also make you suffer financially, which is not something everyone is waiting for!

But what is the difference between Amazon seller feedback and product review, and how can they affect your seller account?

Product Reviews

As the name itself says, products reviews are all about your products. When customers find your listings on Amazon, and are planning to purchase some, the first thing they do is investigating and “Sherlocking” your listings. What reviews do they have, is the product qualified as a one-star or five-star product? Are people happy with their purchase? Maybe the seller (you) has failed in upholding product quality, packaging or delivery. Who knows? As we already said, customers listen to other customers, and there’s not much that can change that.

Moreover, Amazon is about competition, where sellers like you offer similar products to Amazon customers. Unfortunately for you, the price of you and competitor’s product can’t be too different. Otherwise, it will be like comparing apples and oranges, and this is why reviews do matter! You should stand out from the crowd with the help of your exceptional and terrific reviews! If you don’t have them, customers will choose your competitor.  They probably won the hearts and minds of ordinary people with the help of other people’s opinions! Oh, the irony!

Seller Feedback

Even though only few people are interested in you as an Amazon seller, some of them look at the seller feedback to understand who they are dealing with. Undoubtedly, much depends on sellers, which is why it is vital for you to be nice and polite with your customers. Impressed by your customer-service, Amazon customers can state that you are easy to work with, you consider customer’s requests or that you respond very quickly. Remember, if the customer is dissatisfied with you or your service, bad feedback will bring you closer to getting your seller account suspended. This is why our Amazon reinstatement service, Got Suspended, urges you to be polite and respectful to Amazon customers.

That’s it!

You should just pay attention to your product reviews, and seller feedback, if you want to maintain excellent account metrics, and steer clear of an Amazon account suspension. Our Amazon appeal service will help you if you get suspended, no matter what the reason of suspension is. Our team will guide you through the ins and outs of Amazon, and will reinstate your account with the help of an individually-made appeal letter!