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Being positive in a negative situation is called leadership, and that’s what Amazon sellers should be able to do. You may ask why, and that has a logical answer. Amazon is fraught with danger, and suspensions await you all the time! If you’re not prepared for the worst, you won’t be able to enjoy your best, and that’s what makes Amazon so unique! In other words, if you prefer the advantages that Amazon offers, then you have to know how to play by the rules.

Did we just say play by the rules? Oh sorry! Not everyone is capable of doing it! And this happens because of a toxic competition that happens only and only on Amazon! Sellers forget about the rules and restrictions that exist on the platform, they do whatever they want, however, they want and whenever they want it! But you know what is worse? It directly affects your store, your Amazon account and selling privileges!

Oh, What Can I Do?

There are several ways to take action against rogue sellers that harm your selling life and your selling account! But before that, let’s talk about things that deceitful sellers can actually do to your account!

Product Photos Can Be Changed!

Yes, some sellers decide to go against their own moral principles, and change your product photos! This will result in the customer getting the wrong product, you getting negative feedback and having your account suspended! If you don’t want to find your Amazon account suspended because of things that you haven’t even done, then it’s time to take measures!

As a solution, you can register your brand on Amazon. This will ensure your safe business operations without the presence of rogue sellers in your life! What’s more, you can inform Amazon about dishonest activities that take place in your account: make sure you have enough proof for that! Keep in mind that if you don’t take measures, sellers will change your product photos on purpose, and Amazon will expect YOU to pay the price!

Your Account Will Be Filled With POSITIVE Feedback!

No, it’s NOT good, nice or something like that! The thing is, Amazon’s special software keeps an eye on everything that occurs on the platform, including reviews and feedback! If sellers fill your account with positivity, Amazon will trigger something suspicious, and think that you were the one who faked your reviews! So, instead of suspending sellers who organized this spiteful affair, Amazon will suspend you and only you!

To fix this, you can again inform Amazon regarding the matter. Unfortunately, there’s nothing more that you can do now to save your account: talking with Amazon is the only option!

It’s obvious to say that some sellers use the opposite tactic. They write negative reviews and trigger Amazon to suspend you! All they do is show their dissatisfaction, that they were ordinary customers trying to use Amazon’s products! So, be careful with both negative and positive reviews, they always can harm you!

Returns, They Also Happen!

To our regret, sellers are ready literally for anything! They can fill your listings with both positivity and negativity, change your product photos, and what’s even worse, they can purchase your products as regular customers and return them afterward! Do you understand what this means? This means that your return rate will go up, and your metrics will deteriorate! This in turn will lead to Amazon Seller Account Suspensions and leave you with nothing!

You Can Easily Go Out Of Stock!

Sellers don’t stop on negative reviews and feedback, they go even further! This time, they order all your products all at once and put you in a situation where you should either cancel the order or fulfill it. Both cases lead to severe consequences: by cancelling the order, you will experience a decline in your metrics because of the cancelation rate, and by fulfilling it, you will quickly run out of stock and probably won’t have time to restock it again!

Are you the victim of rogue activities on Amazon? Then it’s time to do some magic and reactivate Amazon seller account now! Together with us, you won’t worry about your Amazon suspension, because your case will be handled by our professional writers and Amazon specialists. Believe us, our Amazon suspension appeal is the best thing that can happen to your account!