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Well, there it is. Looks like we have another potential apocalypse on our hands! The novel Coronavirus is spreading fast and businesses are struggling to keep up, whether its in the eCommerce sphere or physical locations. One would think that more people shopping online would create a boom in the eCommerce sphere, but it’s not that black and white.

Unfortunately, there are always some sellers who are lurking around in the shadows, trying to take advantage of sticky situations like we have now. These are the people who will violate the MAP policies of brands and companies and sell products, especially ones that are desperately needed, at ridiculously high prices. Not only does this hurt the brands, it is also a direct violation of Amazon’s fair pricing policies as well as its Code of Conduct.

Keep in mind that these rogue sellers are using the Pandemic Panic to their advantage because in times like now, shoppers tend to hole up and isolate themselves in their homes and resort to online shopping in hopes of going around the virus. Out of necessity, and partly out of fear, they will purchase hygiene products even if they are overpriced, and rogue sellers couldn’t be happier about it.

Obviously, Amazon is trying to tackle this problem even if it’s just to save face. It is asking customers to report any overpriced items they come across with on its platforms, among other things. However, there are over 2.5 million sellers on Amazon and even with its resources, the process of weeding out the rogue ones in incredibly slow. But what can you do as a brand if your products are being resold overpriced left and right?

If there is a demand for your products, it would be much better to focus on the manufacturing side of things and designate a separate team to handling issues like MAP violations. We are perfect for this role. With the resources and experience which we have, no rogue seller could escape our radar. We will track down anyone who is violating both your MAP policies, as well as Amazon’s policies, delivering a well-deserved dose of eCommerce justice. That way, your brand will shine as a poster-child for fair pricing during times of global crisis and set an example for other business to follow suit! In times of turmoil, eCommerce has a big role to play and we are here to assist businesses in doing so! For more information on our MAP services, visit the following section of our website; the numbers speak for themselves.