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We have already talked about the advantages of doing Dropshipping on Amazon in a previous Got Suspended Clients blog. And as you can see, starting your business on Amazon with Dropshipping is really easy. However, for succeeding with Dropshipping on Amazon, you should put much effort and try to do everything by the book. This will not only guarantee success but will keep you away from having your seller account suspended.

Here are short guidelines on how you can succeed with this business model on Amazon:


If you want to increase your sales, you should drive traffic for your product listing.

How can you do that?

First of all, pay attention to Amazon’s internal sponsorship program, Pay-Per-Click, which can help you in creating advertisements for your listing, and bring them up on Amazon’s search results based on special keywords. Moreover, you can drive traffic to your Amazon listings with such external methods as social media email marketing or blogging. Compare to other methods, this one is harder, and you will need more time to master it; but on the other side, you can distinguish your product from your main competitors.

Costumers are #1

When you start doing Dropshipping on Amazon, you do not need to worry about manufacturing or shipping products; all you need to do is provide the best service for the customer and do your best for your customer’s satisfaction. Try to focus on making your customer happy at every turn.

Brand’s Image

As we have already mentioned, one of the disadvantages of the Dropshipping model is that you do not interfere with a product’s treatment or design. And because of this, many sellers can sell the same products as yours. All you need to do is to focus on your brand’s image. There are many examples when two brands are selling the same products at different prices, but somehow the one whose price is higher shows better sales, just because the customers are familiar with the brand and trust it. But you must practice what you preach. If your brand does not meet the image you have created for it on Amazon, the customers will notice and you will get hit with negative reviews that will damage your account’s ODR and lead to an Amazon seller suspension.

What You Sell

One of the most crucial parts of doing dropshipping is your awareness of what you offer to your clients. Before listing products, try to get samples to ensure that the product is high-quality and undamaged. All these details can help you ensure that the product you are going to sell is a good one, and you are 100% ready to start your business.

Moving Forward:

Since you don’t have to invest much money in starting Dropshipping on Amazon, you can use it to your advantage and set the good tone of your business. Instead of choosing one product, you can sell a number of products at the same time. Just try to follow Amazon rules, stay organized, and you won’t have any problems in your business operation. Keep in mind that even if you are doing Dropshipping, you should source your products only from manufacturers or authorized distributors. Do not work with retailer companies and unauthorized distributors, since it is a perfect storm for suspension.

Got Suspended Clients wishes you a successful selling career on Amazon and reminds you that we are by your side if for whatever reason, dropshipping, or otherwise, your Amazon account gets suspended!