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Imagine a situation where you have built a successful business on Amazon, which generates good profits. Suddenly, you find out that you are facing an Amazon suspension. For most sellers, this scenario can turn into a real nightmare, especially if you do not have enough experience in account reinstatement. 

Do not panic, since our team is going to bring your attention to several useful tips which will help you appeal your account’s suspension. 


How To Appeal An Amazon Suspension


What is an Amazon Plan of Action and How To Create It?

Have you ever heard of Amazon’s Plan of Action? This is an opportunity to communicate directly with Amazon and discuss the ways for your account’s possible reinstatement. Therefore, here you have to do your best in order to provide Amazon with correct information regarding your suspension case. Generally, Amazon appeal letter consists of three main sections:

  • The Root Cause
  •  Corrective Actions
  • Preventative Measures

Try to Detect The Root Cause! 

Keep in mind that when you receive a notification from the Seller Performance team, It does not tell you the exact reason for your account’s suspension. Instead, it wants you to find it out by yourself. The only information that this team can provide you with is a  generic reason behind your suspension. You should read that sometimes this process can be very hard and time-consuming at the same time. Of course, you can devote a considerable amount of time trying to figure out the reason behind your account’s suspension, or you can trust this process professionals like the Got Suspended Clients team. Our team is able to reinstate all possible types of Amazon suspension from  Verification to difficult ones such as an Intellectual property violation or a linked account suspension. You can visit I Got Suspended, where you can find different stories of sellers whose accounts have successfully been reinstated due to the efforts of our team. 

Generally, there are several main reasons which may lead to your account’s suspension:


  • Selling Restricted Products
  • High ODR
  • Doing Traditional Drop Shipping
  • Selling Inauthentic Products
  • Changing Account’s Information

Once you detect the root cause for your account’s suspension, it’s time to move on to the next step and start working on your corrective actions. Your main mission is to show Amazon that you took several actions to eliminate the problem. To fix things is the best way of doing that.  Try to make sure that the information provided by you is 100% authentic and clear. Additionally, do not forget to mention that you have entirely reviewed both your account and Amazon policies in detail. 



About POA!


Let’s be honest, you do not want to go through the same issue again; hence you have to put much effort in order to create a powerful Plan of Action which will prevent similar issues from occurring again. Keep in mind that it’s all about changes that you will implement after getting your account reinstated. Talk about the plans that will help you improve your operation on this platform and prevent even minor possibilities of this issue from occurring again. 



And The Last Thing

Bear in mind that every appeal letter should have its closing statement. Generally, here you have to summarize your letter by mentioning the root cause of your suspension and the steps that you have taken tower solving it, and assure Amazon that possible issues will not occur in the future. 

Let The Got Suspended Client Handle  Your Suspension! 

As you can see the process of reinstating your suspended account is not so hard as it may seem at first glance. However, if the above-mentioned information sounds like too much and you feel that you do not have enough knowledge for handling your suspension by yourself, do not worry, since you can always reach out to Got Suspended Clients and  Amazon appeal service and we will gladly help you get your Amazon account reinstated within a short period of time. We suggest that you also visit our website, which has a lot of interesting blogs regarding services provided by our team and along with lots of interesting blogs about how to run a business on Amazon.