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The information about video screening went viral on Amazon Seller Central, and now, sellers are terrified of what might waiting for them in the future. Everyone is afraid for their own selling career on Amazon, since even the best metrics can’t guarantee suspension-less business operations. That’s why most sellers have started looking for professional Amazon appeal services, just in case they get suspended. But let us tell you the truth, nothing bad has happened; it’s quite the opposite!

Why Video Call?

You’ll ask “why”? Isn’t it dangerous for us to get on a call with Amazon, and in the blink of an eye, lose our seller accounts? No, it isn’t! For many sellers, video calls are just like blessings, because some of them have experienced suspensions from the very start, the very moment they opened their seller account. Yes, it happens, and quite often because Amazon is really concerned about the future of the products that are showcased on its platform. Many people infringe on Amazon policies, state and federal laws, and create or simply sell counterfeits and inauthentic products. This leaves Amazon customers with bogus and low-quality items.

As it was always advertised, creating an Amazon seller account is as easy as A-B-C; that’s why people create multiple accounts on Amazon. This gives rise to counterfeit sales, which are unhealthy for the platform itself. It’s super easy to open an account: you just fill in the information Amazon requires, and voila, you’re a seller now! And this, our friends, results in the breach of rules, and the sale of counterfeits and inauthentic products. Why? Because not all sellers are honest and legitimate.

After facing bitter experiences, the platform has understood that it just can’t trust some people, and because of them, the idea of having video calls was born. It helps Amazon see you tête-à-tête, verify your documents together with you, and only then open an account. Apart from that, Amazon will help its future sellers register with the support of designated Amazon representatives.

How Can This Help Sellers?

As we already said, there are sellers who get their accounts suspended right after creating them. That’s a huge problem for sellers – from the very start, they are turning against this platform, which in turn makes it harder for both parties to succeed. In order to stay away from unexpected, and often, unnecessary suspensions, you will only get verified once – before creating an account.

On the other hand, video calls will be also implemented during verification suspensions, when you as a seller change information on your account without informing Amazon (if you’ve been following our Got Suspended Clients blogs, you know by now that this is a big mistake!). Most sellers send documents that Amazon requires, and still get generic responses asking for more information. Here, both sides lack communication, which will be easy to solve with video calls.


This Is Not a Videodrome!

Don’t panic! Even though video calls with Amazon employees sound strange and terrifying, they can help you a lot. If you’re an honest seller with great intentions, who is guiltless and tries to appeal the suspension, video calls will be even more helpful than simple appeals. So be careful, communicate and cooperate with Amazon, and everything should be just fine!