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There is no doubt that nowadays Amazon is the most valuable and reputable e-commerce platform. At the same time, it has lots of weird features that may lead its sellers to confusion. First of all, you have to understand that Amazon is quite a changeable marketplace that sets the rules for more than 10 million sellers. And if you want to build a successful business on this platform, you have to fully abide by Amazon’s rules and regulations.


Today, Got Suspended Clients are going to talk about one of the most common types of Amazon suspensions that have recently become very popular among Amazon’s sellers. 


The main concept of this suspension is that Amazon can suspend your seller account if it finds out that the number of your sales is not supported by the number of feedback left by your customers. And it doesn’t really matter whether you have a powerful SEO strategy in place or run your business in full compliance with Amazon’s policies, rules are rules. Once the number of your sales rises and amazon finds out that too suspicious, it can start taking action against you. We also suggest that you read this blog on this topic, which is also quite informative.  


What Is  Sales Velocity?


According to Amazon, sales velocity is the number of transactions that you made during the month. This dilemma is pretty simple: “More Sales, higher you will rank.” So, you have to do your best to find an optimal balance between your sales and velocity.

Amazon becomes very strict when it comes to monitoring sales velocity since it wants to make sure that its customers are fully protected on this platform. And if you exceed your velocity limit, Amazon starts taking action against you and can suspend your selling privileges for a while. 

If you are a beginner on Amazon, you have to be very careful, since this type of suspension is very common among Amazon sellers, especially among new ones.

The Main Goal of It!

The paramount goal of the Velocity limit is protecting Amazon users from counterfeit issues. As a rule, each Amazon seller has the same limit in sales. So, if your business develops and starts showing high sales, Amazon can suspend your account in order to review it. 


How To Avoid It!

If you are afraid of receiving this type of suspension, do not worry, since there are lots of ways of avoiding it. First of all, you have to run your business in compliance with all of Amazon’s policies. Another requirement is that you should have all the necessary invoices and the letters of authorization at hand in order to show Amazon that you run a legitimate business on its platform. Additionally, you have to show Amazon that all your products are coming from authorized distributors and are 100% genuine.


Once you failed to provide Amazon with the above-mentioned information, your account will immediately be suspended by the Seller Performance Team. If you are not sure that your suppliers are valid for working with, then you have to recreate your supply chain. 

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But, let’s return to our main topic and try to figure out how to appeal your sales velocity limit if Amazon suspended your seller account for this reason. Here, you have to provide Amazon with a report including information about orders that were shipped by you to show that the number of your sales is valid. If you do not have enough experience and are not able to reinstate your account by yourself, then the Got Suspended Clients team is what you really need.


Contact our team and we will handle the entire process of your account’s reinstatement in the best possible way. You can go to our website where you can find different stories of sellers whose selling privileges were successfully reinstated due to the efforts of our Amazon suspension appeal service.