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You have created an account with one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, Amazon.


Now when the easiest part is done, it’s the perfect time to talk about how complicated selling on this platform is and what awaits you as an Amazon seller with a freshly-created Amazon store!  


Don’t Be Afraid to Start 

As a professional service working with suspended Amazon sellers, we can certainly say that one of the first components of success is confidence.

So, if you started your Amazon career and have already prepared your inventory with confident steps, you’re in a good place!

However, don’t overdo that! Amazon doesn’t like the I-know-everything type of sellers! 


Why Is That?

Amazon is a platform where policies should be prioritized and respected. Sometimes these policies change and sometimes they don’t, but our experience tells us that despite that most Amazon sellers ignore and don’t pay attention to them. This concerns all the aspects of an Amazon business, especially when it comes to inventory management!

So, if you don’t want to type “Amazon closed my account” in Google, this article is right for you!


Amazon Inventory Management 

According to, inventory management is a combination of different processes, such as ordering, storing, using, and selling a company’s inventory. Without a decent management strategy and its terrific implementation, your store will badly suffer and what is worse, you will risk losing your account. 

So, if you want to avoid that miserable consequences, here’s a list of mistakes that even experts have once made while selling on Amazon! 


Mistake 1: Manual Work is Everything! 

Well, well, well…!

The first mistake that even experts have once made is all about manual work and hours spent in front of your laptop!

In the era of automation, talking about manual management of your inventory is ridiculous.

Especially, when you want to withstand the burdensome competition of Amazon and avoid ending up with an Amazon suspended account.

So yes, we’re implying that you need to integrate Amazon automation into your business ASAP!

In fact, according to a survey conducted by, 31% of businesses have already integrated automation and have fully automated at least one sector or a certain function of the company.

In other words, if you think that automation is still uncharted territory, then you’re already behind the times!

Obviously, we don’t tell you to fully automate your business because leaving everything to the machines is senseless.

However, if you automate the biggest part of the process, you will see how easy and effortless it is to operate a business…

Well, for the most part!

Moreover, with the help of Amazon automation, your defect rate on Amazon will drastically improve. This is because your performance will be enhanced accordingly! It will help you avoid writing an Amazon appeal letter and numbing headaches all the way through!

So, automating your business is always fun and extremely beneficial!


Mistake 2: Who Cares about the Product Catalog?

Unfortunately, there are so many mistakes that sellers make that we can’t list them all.

However, among these oops-i-did-it-again mistakes, we have found some patterns that repeat all the time, in all the corners of the world, among extremely different and diverse sellers. 

This time, we will talk about product catalog management and how eCommerce sellers make one of the biggest mistakes of their lives without even realizing it! 

Let’s start from the basics. In order to sell on platforms like Amazon or eBay, you first of all need to understand what you are going to offer.

So when the brainstorming is finished and you’re ready to list your products in your online store, it’s the perfect time to manage your products catalog! And as you already know, this is one of the most neglected parts of operating a business! 

The product catalog should consist of different details such as product categories, types, reference numbers, purchase price, and much more.

So in order to better organize this process and the above-mentioned information, you need to have a place where you can collect all the necessary data. This can be literally anything – starting from Microsoft Excel and ending with any other efficient program with calculation and computation capabilities.

However, most sellers are using Amazon automation services that fulfill the management process instead of them.

This is also a good way to make sure your product catalog is organized, safe, and does not cause any problems. 

SPOILER ALERT: be careful when it comes to automation and when you carelessly leave the entire business to the machines!

Unfortunately, sometimes they can cause an Amazon suspension and leave inexperienced sellers with nothing!

What we need to remember is that automation is still a machine supported by AI which is prone to fail! Errors and glitches can happen every single day and unfortunately, you are not guaranteed if you’re working with a service that you randomly found online!

So, if you’re thinking about your account health and performance metrics, you’d better be extremely careful! 


Mistake 3: The More Automation The Better! 

Now let’s talk about AI-based tools and automation that are usually integrated into Amazon stores.

This is, indeed, a perfect way to save time and feel extra productive, and what is more important, to become one of the top Amazon sellers.

But there’s always that one “but,” you know?

We can endlessly talk about the advantages that automation offers. We can talk about faster returns on investment, the ability to be more efficient and competitive, lower operating costs, effortless money, and so much more.

But honestly, we think it’s our duty to talk about its downsides and what can happen if you abuse the power of automation in terms of Amazon suspensions!


Because too much automation always leads to too many Amazon suspensions! 

When a seller obsessively integrates all the possible software into the system, everything goes wrong! Due to all the software and automation that sellers usually use, they lose track of everything…

As ironic as it sounds!

Information gets all mixed up and as a result, you end up with nothing, literally! 

Most companies are continuously investing in technology to put all the automation in one place and avoid cases like this. However, this is only the first step toward the long-awaited future.

And besides, it costs a fortune!

So, choose the software you really really really need, integrate it into the system, and enjoy your life without suspensions!


Mistake 4: Don’t Worry, We Have The Product! 

You know your store’s inner system is screwed when you have already made several mistakes that lead to poor inventory administration. One of these mistakes that no one wants to encounter is overselling.

You may ask “what’s so bad about earning so much money?”

Imagine a situation where your products are selling like hotcakes and you earn a lot of money. This is usually the phase where the actual mistake is made. Sellers are so blinded by the earned money that they forget about the real source of their income.

This is when inventory management takes a back seat and does more harm than good! 

Because of the dizzying success, you don’t notice how fast the best-selling product in your warehouse is sold.

And imagine your face while confirming the order and realizing that there’s nothing left! Yup, we’re talking about these situations! 

Let’s not forget that we’re an appeal service and that we raise awareness of Amazon suspensions.

So, overselling is especially dangerous in terms of an Amazon suspension. Amazon is a customer-centered company and when it sees how one of its customers doesn’t receive the products in the expected period of time, it suspends the “rogue seller.”


Mistake 5: Who Cares, I’ll Order More!

Did you know that you can also find yourself in an over-ordered situation?

This happens when your market research failed and led you to order products that will never be sold!

After a while, you realize that some of the products have never been sold because no one actually needs them! This is a waste of space and money, and what is more important, it is the result of poor inventory management! 



As you can see, there are lots of reasons which may lead to quite serious consequences when you are selling on Amazon and do not pay proper attention to your inventory management.

Therefore, we strictly recommend that you read this blog carefully since it will help you put your Amazon business at a completely different level and reduce the possibility of getting suspended by Amazon.

However, if you have already faced this issue and find your Amazon account suspended, do not worry, our team is here to help you.

The entire team of Got Suspended Clients consists of professional lawyers and paralegals who are able to reinstate all types of Amazon suspensions within the shortest period of time.

If you still have some doubt regarding our professionalism, you can always visit our website where you can not only find lots of positive reviews left by our customers but also read tons of interesting blogs on how to sell on Amazon in full compliance with the platform’s policies.

Thank you for staying with us!