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Those who are running their business on Amazon will agree with the fact that an inauthentic suspension is a real nightmare for most Amazon sellers. That’s because Amazon is fond of its customers, and does it best in order to ensure that its buyers get the best customer service ever. Therefore, as an Amazon seller, you have to put all your efforts in order to show Amazon that you are a fair seller who sells solely genuine products.  The only case when Amazon will confirm your statement about selling high-quality products through your Amazon account is when you provide Amazon with valid supply chain information and invoices. Only in this case can you ensure that everything within your business goes smoothly.

Unfortunately, in most cases, sellers cannot provide Amazon with proper supply chain information, since they simply don’t have it. As a result, they face Amazon suspensions for inauthentic violation. Even if you sell only genuine products, the fact that you can not provide Amazon with supply chain information closes the door of your future operation on Amazon.

In order to protect our readers from such kinds of issues, we are going to teach you how to solve such kinds of issues, and return your selling privileges.

First of all, you should keep in mind that you cannot do anything to change your previous sourcing decision; however, you can start everything with a clean state. First of all, if you used to do drop shipping as your business model, you have to change your preferences, and integrate to a safer business model. For example, we strictly recommend that you start doing wholesale FBA, since it is one of the best business models for doing business on Amazon the right way. Your main mission is to show Amazon that you understand your mistakes and are open to change the entire way of your operation on the platform. Find more information concerning FBA in this blog.


A Fresh Start!

When you realize your shortcomings in your business, you have to start building your new business from scratch.  If you want Amazon to reinstate your suspended account faster, you have to build valid relationships with reliable suppliers who can provide you with all the necessary documentation. Then, you have to provide Amazon with information concerning your new suppliers and invoices, along with a professionally written Plan of Action. However, there are several important aspects, that you should be aware of first. Unfortunately, nowadays, there are lots of unfair suppliers who can damage your reputation. In order to avoid such negative experiences, we recommend that you read one of our previous blogs, regarding fake suppliers.

How We Can Help You!

For many years, Got Suspended Clients has provided reinstatement services for Amazon sellers. We have had thousands of successfully reinstated cases that we have achieved due to the skills of our professional reinstatement team. We create a personal approach to every client by providing them with a carefully drafted Plan of Action. Additionally, we teach our clients how to run a safe business on Amazon, in order to root out any possibility of getting suspended again. Reach out to our team, and we will prove you that it was the best decision you ever made! Want to make sure we talk the talk? You can visit our website, where you can find lots of information, concerning safe operation on Amazon, and positive reviews from the sellers who got their Amazon accounts back due to efforts of Got Suspended Clients’ team.