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Welcome to Got Suspended? for Invoices 2: The Sequel! As you already know, our Amazon appeal service daily updates you on Amazon news and suspension tips, and this is one of them. Today’s article will be about invoices, one of your helping hands towards account reinstatement, about which we have already talked a bit in one of our previous blogs. Before we start talking about other requirements that Amazon has, let’s briefly review our previous article in order to see the bigger picture:

First of all, what is an invoice? According to Oxford dictionary, an invoice is “a list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these; a bill.” If you’re dealing with Amazon account suspensions, just know that invoices will be one of your keys to getting your account back. They will state where you purchased your products from, when and how much you paid for it, and other details. But Amazon what will mainly focus on is the source of your products. Why? Because it wants to make sure that it’s a legitimate source.


So, as we already told you in our previous blog, Amazon wants to see invoices that are dated within 365 days; older invoices are simply unacceptable. Apart from that, prepare your invoice with care before sending it to Amazon. Take high-quality photos, or scan them as good as possible. In other words, make it easy for the Seller Performance team to read your invoice. And another important factor, handwritings are almost always ignored on Amazon!  Now let’s continue the list of Amazon invoice requirements, and see what we can do to make our invoices more suited to Amazon’s needs:

Even Suppliers Need It!

In general, Amazon wants your invoices to verify your supply chain, and that becomes super easy with your supplier’s website link. Nowadays, most suppliers don’t hesitate to put their websites on invoices, which is a marketing strategy. But for Amazon sellers, it can also be a solution. So, make sure that your supplier includes the website link in its invoices.

Outer Shell Is Important!

Speaking of websites… Would you trust a supplier if it had a poor and unfashionable website? Of course, not! You would sidestep it even without thinking, and the same is with Amazon. The Seller Performance team verifies your suppliers in tons of ways, and one of them is checking their website. If the website is poor, low-quality, and doesn’t have contact information, Amazon will ignore not only your invoice, but also appeal letter which took you so long to create! Then it will be up to us to teach Amazon not to always judge a book by its cover!

The Information Guru Watches You!

Have you ever heard about Amazon’s verification suspension? It’s when Amazon software finds an info mismatch on your account, feels something fishy, and suspends your account then and there. It’s almost the same with invoices. Imagine Amazon receiving an invoice which clearly shows that you gave your suppliers your address X, while you provided address Y on your Amazon seller account. Suspicious, right? So, make sure addresses are completely the same. Amazon is focused on your mistakes, so don’t make any!

If preparation and hard work meet, there’s no danger of Amazon account suspensions. So even if you are not suspended, make sure your invoices are as good as Amazon’s customer service. We’re also working hard to reinstate numerous Amazon sellers, because we believe that everyone deserves a second chance! In case of suspension-questions, just shoot them at Got Suspended?, and we will surely help!