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Even if you are an owner of a flawless and prosperous business on Amazon, you cannot be completely sure that you won’t need Amazon Suspension Insurance. One day Amazon might decide to knock on your door with an Amazon suspension. Unfortunately, it is true! When it comes to suspensions, all are equal before Amazon. That’s because any wrongdoing is quickly and confidentially settled. As a result, you risk finding your seller account suspended by Amazon.

There is a ton of information on how to protect your Amazon account from suspensions. But, as practice shows, sellers don’t pay enough attention to such kind of contexts and prefer to run their business at their own discretion. This is while such kind of blogs can be quite useful when it comes to selling on Amazon. For example, you can read one of our previous blogs and learn how to avoid suspensions during your operation on Amazon.

Recently, Amazon has come up up with a new option with the main goal of protecting sellers from getting suspended on this platform. The main idea of this option is to cover monetary expenses in case if you get suspended by Amazon.

But, let’s try to figure out the main purpose of an Amazon suspension in order to understand whether it is worth it, or are you just throwing away your money by implementing this option.


What Is Amazon Suspension Insurance?


Amazon suspension insurance is a new option to protect sellers during their operation on this platform. The main idea of this insurance is to cover your expenses in case Amazon suspends your selling account. It is a 30-day policy which automatically prolongs every month. Generally, the suspension insurance consists of five main plans:

  • Insurance starts from $1000 and can reach to $10000 per day.
  • Reinstatement Specialist Reimbursement: Keep in mind that once you find your Amazon account suspended, you have to inform your insurance agent within 24 hours. Additionally, you have to hire a person who specializes in how to get Amazon seller account reinstated, and is able to reactivate Amazon seller account. Generally, they have to provide you with an Amazon suspension appeal letter in order to get you back on the platform.

What Is an Amazon Suspension?

Receiving a suspension form Amazon is the worst thing that could happen to a seller. That’s because you are not allowed to sell on Amazon until the problem is not be solved. Moreover, Amazon can freeze your bank account; so, you cannot have access to your money until your account’s reinstatement. Therefore, as a seller, you have to put lots of effort in order to avoid this issue at all costs. We suggest you visit our website where you can find lots of blogs about all the available types of Amazon suspensions. They say: “Who owns the information – owns the world.” In this case, you can be sure that you are aware of Amazon’s rules and policies and can do your best in order to minimize the chances of getting suspended.

But, here is a quick note which will help you be aware of the main reasons which may trigger Amazon suspension:

  • Use your current account information
  • Avoid misrepresenting yourself
  • Don’t violate restricted product rules
  • Work solely with authorized distributors
  • Don’t ignore your customers’ reviews and feedbacks
  • Keep valid invoices at hand
  • Maintain your ODR under the maximum amount specified by Amazon
  • Ship orders on a timely fashion
  • Don’t use other sellers’ information (images, description, videos)
  • Don’t maintain more than one seller account without Amazon’s permission
  • Don’t sell other brands’ products without their permission

We have brought to your attention only several reasons that may become causes for your account’s deactivation. In reality, there are far more.

Basically, it doesn’t matter whether you use the Amazon suspension insurance or not; if you face an Amazon suspension, the first thing that you have to implement is to reach out to professional reinstatement services like Got Suspended Clients. Within a few hours, your suspended case will be reviewed by our professional appeal reinstatement team which will come up with a carefully drafted Plan of Action for your suspended account’s speedy reinstatement. Additionally, our experts will provide you with lots of pieces of advice in order to avoid suspensions in the future. You can also read this blog about post-suspension tips.

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