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You have probably heard about Amazon sellers who took competition too far, which made selling on Amazon a complete disaster for other sellers. Even though these sellers have a devil-may-care attitude towards selling on Amazon, it’s time to show that justice is blind. Together with Got Suspended Clients, you will be able to identify the hijackers and resolve the issue to your advantage. Now let’s explore the world of dishonesty and fraud, and figure out the best solutions together. Don’t lose your head! Soon you’ll continue your selling career with confidence, without the risk of being hijacked or getting left with an Amazon seller suspended account.

Identify the Rogue Seller

In general, there are two ways to find the hijacker. If you have a small business and have enough time to manually check your listings every day, then do it right away. However, many sellers are preoccupied with the issues arising from big businesses, which is why there are special services for the busiest sellers. By saying “identify,” we mean pinpointing the Seller ID, their Store Name, ASINs, Date, Storefront, and Seller Page URL.

 “Cease & Desist Letter”

Cease means end, desist means stop. Basically, a Cease and Desist Letter is a letter that legally tells the rogue seller to stop doing whatever they are doing.

If the seller decided to sell a fake version of your product, you should immediately take some action. The best way to win this case is by sending them a Cease & Desist Letter. Here, your main goal is to show that the hijacker infringed upon trademark rights and as a result will probably face legal sanctions in case of not complying with your letter. What is also important, is telling them that Amazon was also notified: this will make them realize that they are on the verge of having their seller account suspended. They will try to call your bluff until it’s too late.

Inform Amazon

It’s better to hurry and report your issue to Amazon as fast as you can. Sometimes Amazon wins the race and leaves you with a suspended seller account. If you don’t want to pay the price for the things you haven’t done, do your best and make sure Amazon hears it from you. Write an email to Amazon, stating that your listings have been hijacked. Show all the proof you have, and enjoy the suspension-less selling experience on Amazon.

If you don’t have proof, Amazon won’t believe you. This is why it’s better to be always prepared for the worst. Take screenshots in advance, so that you have everything documented. Ironically, when you have a good proof, it should be always proven.

Despite Amazon’s efforts, there are still hijackers across the platform. It is always nice doing business with honest sellers, who respect your career and want to conduct everything according to Amazon’s policies, above-board, in short. Competition can be sometimes toxic and lead to Amazon suspensions, which is, unfortunately, a normal practice that Got Suspended Clients to face every day. Just know how everything works, and do what you have to do to achieve the justice we all deserve! And always remember that Got Suspended Clients is next to you all the way in the battle for justice.