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Learning How to Handle Returns with Got Suspended Clients!

By February 10, 2021No Comments

Returns, the word which can turn any Amazon seller’s life into a real nightmare! Especially if you are an FBM seller, which means that you have to handle the entire process of returns by yourself. This issue is especially common after the holiday period, since hundreds of sellers are rushing to return presents which they do not like for one reason or another. And you, as a fair seller, have to abide by all your customers’ wishes in order to avoid any issues with Amazon.

A few months ago, Amazon sellers had only 30 days for returning products; however, Amazon recently announced that it has extended the period for buyers who want to return items. So, you have to be prepared that even 4 months after purchasing products from you, the customer can return them. This period is longer than ever before; so, as an Amazon seller, you can face ton of returns within your operation. Of course, if you are an FBA seller, Amazon will handle the entire process of returns instead of you.

Doesn’t work the same way with FBM!

But what if you run your business under the drop shipping model? In this case, you have to ensure that the third-party sellers with whom you work, are open to go with these rules of the game. Keep in mind that even if your vendor does everything instead of you, you are the only one who is responsible for every scrupulous aspect concerning returns. Therefore, all drop shippers have to be ready for facing several issues in their operation, from a small complaint up to account suspensions. That’s because drop shipping is one of the most dangerous business models on Amazon since the biggest part of suspensions come from those who are operating under this model on the platform.

So, if you receive a return notification from Amazon, do not panic! Got Suspended Clients are here to help you. We are going to teach you how to handle the annoying process of returns, without risking getting Amazon suspensions.

First of all, when it comes to returns, you have to implement several vital steps in order to protect your seller account. If you will do everything by the book, you can be sure that you will not face serious consequences during your operation. So, let’s try to understand what to do when your customer no longer wants to keep your product.


Keep a Record of the Return Notification Email!

When your customer decides to return products to Amazon, try to ensure that you keep a record of the return notification email in order to check whether the return occurred within the fixed period. If you find out that a product was not returned within this period, you can confidently ask Amazon for reimbursement.

Pay Particular Attention to Buyers Feedback.

Generally, when a buyer asks for refunds, the next step that they do is leave feedback. Therefore, we strictly recommend that you contact your customer and apologize for the negative experience. This gesture on your part may encourage your customer to delete a negative review, and you will not have serious issues with your ODR metrics. You can read more about the impact of negative review on your business in this Got Suspended Clients blog.

The Importance of Inspection

It doesn’t matter why a customer decides to return a product. You have to devote a considerable amount of time to inspect your returned products. That’s because if you list returned products without inspecting, it may become a reason behind more serious issues like inauthentic suspensions on Amazon. You can learn more about this type of Amazon suspension by reading our blog. Keep in mind that even a small damage on your product’s package may become a reason of very serious issues in your business.


By following these steps, you will protect your Amazon business from any issues triggered by returns. However, with Got Suspended Clients, you should not worry about any type of Amazon suspension, since we are able to handle each suspension, from verification to Intellectual Property issues. We are extremely concerned about our clients; if you face any issues within your business, contact our reinstatement team and we will reinstate your suspended account within a very short period of time. You can visit our website, and learn more about services that we provide here at Got Suspended Clients!