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We always say that Amazon is a customer-centric, customer-orientated and customer-obsessed company, and that’s completely true. Without this strategy, Amazon wouldn’t stand on its pedestal, and wouldn’t suspend so many sellers along the way! However, Jeff Bezos’ brainchild is and will be careful with its customers and opinions, which means that Amazon sellers as well should follow that logic!

Anything for the Customer, Anytime?

Amazon customer service is indeed important, we all know that. But sometimes, it’s honestly impossible to be kind, polite and civil with needy and capricious customers who don’t appreciate all the things that sellers do for them. This is the main reason behind negative feedback and other suspension-causing factors. Amazon sellers don’t see any point in providing good customer service, because what they’re doing is highly underestimated!

Underestimated or Not, Do Your Thing!

However, we should say that even this fact should not prevent Amazon sellers from doing what they’re supposed to do. Amazon never forgets those who disobey its customer-centric policies, which is why we decided to talk a bit about customer service, the importance of customer feedback and their evolution.

IMPORTANT:  providing good customer service is not only for the sake of circumventing suspensions. With good techniques and methods, you’ll be able to identify an existing problem, find a solution to that problem and create your competitive advantage. For example, people realized that buyers need food which is not only delicious and hot, but also fast! This is why fast food restaurants exist to the present day, and enjoy the same success that they did in the past!

If You Know the History, You Know the Future

It all started in 1750 BC… Nanny, a capricious customer, was provided with poor customer service! The copper ore that he had ordered was not only low-quality, but also was delayed numerous times! Who knew that Nanny would start the era of customer service, and would lay the foundation of Amazon-like platforms?

But things started to gain ground only in 20th century, when sellers realized that they should give a choice to the customer. They understood that customers need options, diversity and assortment of goods! Soon, customers were kindly greeted, and were never criticized by the sellers. Sounds similar? Yeah, the concept is the same, but the methods have changed. When sellers were welcoming their buyers in their physical stores, they didn’t know that one day, their grandchildren and children of their grandchildren will have to do the same on online platforms!

The Customer Has Been Right Since WW1!

During the first and second World Wars, customer service and feedback were constantly developing and changing their forms. At this time, sellers knew what is special about customers, about those who complain, criticize and grumble. They knew that they were the ones who pay money, and they knew that customer is always right!

In the 1980s, all shops and services knew that without customers, they would be nothing. This was the time when after the purchase customers were evaluating sellers, products and customer service. A few years later, in the 1990s, internet-based customer service was created. Guess when Amazon was created? Yup, in the 1990s, in 1994 to be exact!

As you see, customer service and feedback existed not only in the era of eCommerce, but also in 1750 BC! At one point, all sellers begin to understand the importance of buyers, and so should you! Even though Amazon customers are spoiled and never forget to leave a negative review, you should always be polite and happy! At the end of the day, “ask your customers to be part of the solution, and don’t view them as part of the problem.” – Alan Weiss