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With the rising popularity of Amazon, more and more sellers are rushing to start their business on this platform. This means that competition on Amazon will also become more merciless. At this point, sellers have to implement different strategies in order to stay afloat on this platform.

However, one of the most crucial aspects for building a powerful and profitable business on Amazon is ensuring that you have a solid reputation among your customers. That’s because in online marketplace, buyers rely on social proof in order to make the right decision.

Aspects such as well-managed reviews and ratings may positively impact your popularity and improve conversions.

Today, we are going to tell you how to build an excellent reputation on Amazon in order to gain more sellers’ attention to your brand.


When customers purchase products on Amazon, they are encouraged to voice their opinion by leaving a review. The more positive reviews you get, the more customer’s attentions you will gain. But, you should strictly understand that you are allowed to request a review from your customers only through the seller=buyer messaging system. Once you try to reach out to your customers by using their personal information, your Amazon account will be deactivated.

Be More Responsive!

If you are selling on Amazon, you should keep in mind that once you receive feedback from your customers, you have to respond within 48 hours. It will help you a lot in becoming a reputable seller on Amazon. That’s because your customers can be sure that if they can easily reach out you and receive a fast response if they have any issues connected with the order.

Stay Out of Negativity!

A negative feedback left by your customers can become a reason for lots of issues within your Amazon business, and negatively impact your reputation on the platform. It is a general rule of thumb that buyers make their purchase decision based on other sellers’ opinion. Once they notice negative feedback left by other sellers, the possibility that they buy from you will become virtually impossible. We suggest you also read this blog about how to deal with negative feedback.

When Minor Details Become Reasons for Big Problems!

If you want to become a reputable seller on Amazon, you have to be equally careful with lots of aspects in your business. For example, there many sellers who do not pay due attention to important factors like proper packaging. Even if you sell products that are 100% authentic, you risk getting suspended for selling inauthentic items in case you use low quality packaging. You can read more about inauthentic suspensions in this blog.  Therefore, before sending any products to your customers, try to ensure that their packaging meets all of Amazon’s requirements.

The Importance of Descriptions!

A carefully written product description is a presentative part of your business. If your sellers see a good description which matches your product, the customers’ trust in you as a seller will increase dramatically. Therefore, you should make sure that your product’s description meets both Amazon and customer requirements. Otherwise, you risk meeting serious issues in your operation. You can also read this blog where we talk about how to write a high-quality description for your listing.

If you want to succeed in your Amazon business, you have to put much effort into it, since it is not as easy as it may seem to be at first glance. That’s because building a positive reputation on Amazon may turn out to be a slow and laborious process and even a smallish mistake can destroy your reputation within a few minutes. Therefore, try to ensure that you run a fair business on Amazon and don’t forget to follow our tips which will help you a lot in the process of building a positive reputation on Amazon. That’s because those brands which actively work on their reputation on Amazon continue to win by leading the pack on this platform.

Also, if you ever receive a notification from Amazon stating about your account’s deactivation, don’t panic and call the Got Suspended Clients team. Within a few hours, we will review your case in order to detect the root cause of your suspension, and come up with a carefully written Plan of Action for your account’s speedy reinstatement.

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