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Hello fellow Amazonians! Welcome back to Got Suspended Clients!

We’ve got something cool to talk about today, because we’ve decided to cover a topic many Amazon sellers are interested in, which is:

Top Reasons for FBA Amazon Account Suspension

If you are an Amazon seller, you will agree that it is very frustrating to find out that you have had your Amazon account suspended for any reason, and sometimes for no reason at all! Unfortunately, we at Got Suspended Clients face such kind of stories every day. We have also been Amazon sellers, so we definitely know how it feels!

But, hey, we’re on your side!

In order to protect our readers (who are mostly likely Amazon sellers!) from unforeseen issues with Amazon account suspensions, we are going to tell you the top reasons which may trigger your account’s suspension on Amazon’s platform.

Of course, when it comes to suspensions and removal of selling privileges, there are literally hundreds of reasons we could talk about! Jeff Bezos has created a platform which is extremely rule-based, and selling on Amazon comes with risk as a result.

For today’s article, we are going to focus on the most common types of Amazon account suspensions. We will also give you small tips and guidelines on how to get your suspended amazon seller account reinstated!

Let’s familiarize ourselves with potential issues that can trigger a suspension or two for sellers on Amazon. Once you know these, you will be able to avoid them!

Inauthentic Suspensions

Inauthentic suspensions are considered to be one of the most common types of Amazon suspensions. Nearly 8 out 10 Amazon suspensions are usually inauthentic cases. If you receive this type of Amazon suspension, it does not necessarily mean that you sell fake products. Sometimes, factors such as damaged products, restricted products, sourcing from unauthorized distributors or missing invoices may become a reason for inauthentic suspensions. Therefore, before sourcing products from your distributors, try to ensure that they can provide you with letters of authorization and valid invoices, proving the inauthenticity of their goods. Also, make sure you do not add prohibited or restricted products on your account. This is easily the best way to avoid similar suspensions.

Multiple Account Suspension

Another popular reason that may trigger an Amazon suspension is running several multiple Amazon accounts without getting Amazon’s permission. Keep in mind that if you want to open up a second account, you have to notify Amazon about your plans and get its official permission (which is usually not granted). You should strictly understand that Amazon has a powerful designated AI software, which can easily detect if you are running more than one seller account on the platform. Also keep in mind that suspensions related to running multiple seller accounts on Amazon are hard to reinstate, so be very careful!

Linked Account Suspensions

This one is similar to what we just talked about. We have already told you several times that if you have ever been suspended on Amazon, you should not use your suspended account’s information for opening up a new one. Or, buying other sellers’ accounts without checking their past reputation. Keep in mind that Amazon can easily detect and find out any hidden skeletons in sellers’ closet. Therefore, do not try to hide bones in your back yard, since Amazon will find them anyway and you will face serious issues with one of the hardest types of Amazon suspensions.

Intellectual Property Suspension

If you think of things from a brand’s perspective, intellectual property, or IP, is a pretty big deal. A brand spends most of its money on developing their image, their features, and their characteristics. So, they hate it when someone decides to copy them. Hence, IP or Intellectual Property complaint suspensions!

IP complaint suspensions are another top reason for getting suspended on Amazon. Generally, it involves lots of factors such as copyright violation, trademark violation and trade dress violation. Additionally, if you sell other brands’ products without getting their permission, you can also get suspended by Amazon, although this more of an inauthentic suspension. If you violate a brand’s intellectual property (even if unwillingly) and get a complaint, you have to deal both with Amazon and the complainant party in order to reinstate your Amazon suspended account. Once you manage to persuade the brand to withdraw its complaint, Amazon reinstates your account, even though the process is often time-intensive.


We cannot overstate this:

Take care of your customers on Amazon! The platform and its policies are famous for being customer-centric, which is why the ODR suspension, also known as the Order Defect Rate suspension is directly related to customers and their experience with your store. There are lots of reasons which can impact your ODR metrics, such as negative feedback, late shipment rate, A-to-Z guarantee claim, and poor cancellation rate. You have to put all your effort in order to maintain your ODR rate under 1 percent. Once it exceeds this level, an Amazon suspension will not be long in coming.


Before changing any information in your date, you have to notify Amazon first. Otherwise, you risk getting suspended for verification. Therefore, try to ensure that your personal information matches the information that you have provided for Amazon during your registration. You can read more about this suspension here.

Forged and Manipulated Documents

Unfortunately, there are many sellers who whose account is suspended by Seller Performance for inauthentic valuations. When Amazon asks them to provide invoices from suppliers, these Amazon sellers decide to edit them by highlighting more important information such as names and ASINs. As a result, they receive a Forged and Manipulated documents suspension. Trust us, you cannot fool Amazon and get reinstated by forging documents! Amazon suspends anyone who does this. No exceptions!

Velocity Limit Suspension

If you are an Amazon seller who runs a successful business on this platform by selling lots of products every day, keep in mind that this can also become a reason for your account’s suspension. Especially if you have more sales than reviews from your customers, since it may become suspicious for Amazon.

How to Appeal Amazon Suspension

If your Amazon account has been suspended for one of the abovementioned reasons or even other issues which we have not talked about, you have to act immediately in order to reinstate Amazon seller account and resolve the issue. Your first step should be writing an Amazon suspension appeal letter which also includes a plan of action (POA). Unfortunately, most Amazon sellers do not have enough experience in writing a good appeal letter, and make quite serious mistakes at early stages of their suspensions. Got Suspended Clients exists for this very issue!

Our appeal reinstatement service is able to reactivate all types of Amazon suspensions, from easy ones to more serious cases like Intellectual property or linked account suspensions. Reach out to our team or visit our website where you can find information about our services and tons of blogs that will help you be more informed about how to run an online business on Amazon. Contact our team and we will not only provide you with a carefully drafted appeal letter, but we will also tell you the main secrets for running a profitable and safe business on Amazon!