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As we all know, one of the biggest online platforms in the world has a very practical and accessible service for its sellers – FBA. In case you’re a new seller and don’t understand what we’re talking about, let us explain what FBA is in a few words. When you’re sick and tired of managing your orders, you can work with Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) service, and leave that responsibility to Amazon itself. Amazon prepares, packs and ships your products to the customer, and keeps all your orders that need to be shipped in its warehouses. If you have more questions related to FBA, visit Amazon’s website.

But did you know that Amazon makes mistakes too? Yes, it can lose your product, damage it, charge you the wrong fee category, ship two products instead of one and so much more! Even though Amazon is one of the most highly regarded companies in the whole world, it also screws up, and it has a reimbursing system for this specific reason. For more information you can either visit Amazon’s website or read our comprehensible article about it.

FBA Reimbursement…Sometimes it works, sometimes not, and that’s the problem!

The hero of our today’s story, a random seller from Amazon seller central, swallowed the bitter pill and didn’t receive the promised reimbursement. How? Let’s see…

According to the seller, products were in a good condition and the risk of having defects was equal to zero. However somehow, somewhere, something went wrong, as a result of which this seller was left out with no reimbursement at hands! This is what the seller says about the above-mentioned situation:

“I received customer’s feedback that items were damaged during transit, Amazon return dept classified the returned items as defective and unit returned to our inventory, I requested reimbursement but seller support refused my request and said the item is defective, I explained to him that item was damaged in transit, not defective, I asked he to check the customer return comments but he kept telling me that item is defective and it is not eligible for reimbursement.”

This is a bright example of how Amazon is being irresponsible and doesn’t reimburse for its own mistakes! We know, this is not something Amazon sellers expect when filing a reimbursement request, but it happens quite often, and no one takes action! In this case, we advise you to continue trying to reach the needed result: Amazon is Amazon, and sometimes you have to convince it as hard as you can! Get on a call with Amazon’s employee, explain the situation and get what you really deserve!

Why Are Reimbursements Important?

Well, first of all you get your money back! So even if your product is lost or damaged, you receive a refund which you can spend on a new product, for example. What’s more, getting reimbursed is not only heartwarming, but also very helpful. You see, when Amazon reimburses you and gives your money back, it kind of admits its mistakes. This in turn means that Amazon won’t suspend your account for something you haven’t ever done!

This means that you won’t get suspended for item condition complaints, ODR or even for those difficult and hostile counterfeit suspensions! So go ahead, use your opportunity to get reimbursed and don’t miss the chance to exclude yourself from Amazon suspensions. One more thing: suspensions feel it when you’re scared of them! Don’t panic and follow Amazon’s policies, and everything will be just fine!

As you can understand, Amazon is the most seller-ignored platform that we have ever seen. But let’s not forget about all those opportunities that the platform gives: they’re worth all those headaches and nightmares! This is why we recommend to sell on Amazon with confident steps, and have a reliable suspension appeal service who’s got your back. This way, you will not only trust your own steps and decisions, but also have someone to appeal suspensions if needed. So, if you have questions or unopened accounts on Amazon, contact us and we will make your life a selling heaven! Amazon is harsh, but our appeals are harsher, don’t you want to try?