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If you are a hardened Amazon seller, you may probably know that Intellectual Property (IP) complaints are considered to be among the hardest issues that sellers can face. There are several reasons why Amazon can suspend your account, but one of the most common reasons is getting baseless Intellectual Property complaints from brands. At this stage, Amazon takes a back seat, since your main goal is seeing eye to eye with the brand.


It’s Not Personal, Just Business! 

Typically, the bulk of the Right Owner’s complaints is baseless, and is intended to eliminate the competitors. And you, as an Amazon seller, have to be prepared to receive IP Complaints even if you are selling 100% genuine products. Keep in mind that in most cases, those who are filing baseless reports against you are not the same from whom you are sourcing your products.


Armed and Dangerous

If one day you find your seller account suspended by Amazon due to an Intellectual Property Violation, you should be completely aware of your subsequent steps. Your first step should be reaching out to the brand and asking them to retract their baseless complaint. Your first attempts should be in a friendly manner. Just try to represent the whole situation as it is.

However, as practice shows, most of the brands do not respond to your massages and prefer to ignore them. Well-well, now you have to strengthen your approach! However, do not forget about politeness. If your second shot still remains ignored, it’s time to bring out the big guns.


Beggars Can be Choosers

If you come across with baseless Intellectual Property Complaints and decide to appeal it by yourself, keep in mind that you should never blame brands within your Plan of Action. Even if you are innocent and all the complaints are baseless, just explain to Amazon that you’ve reached out to the brand, they’re not answering, and we have what we have. Of course, that’s not fair, but when it comes to Amazon, we all have to follow established rules.


What Did You Say About the Big Guns?

After receiving an Intellectual Property Complaint from the right owner, we strictly recommend that you trust the appealing process to professional Amazon appeal services like ourselves over at Got Suspended. That’s because IP complaint is considered to be a legal issue and should be handled by a legal attorney.

Due to the grace of our team, we can conduct not only all the negotiations with the brand in question, but also provide you with a persuasive Plan of Action, written by our talented writers. We assure you that thanks to the collaborative efforts of our team, we will help you return your Amazon business to its full glory in a very short period of time.