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Here we are again, continuing to bring to your attention more and more tips which will help you cope with competition on Amazon. That’s because Got Suspended Clients’ main goal is to protect its sellers from any possible issues with Amazon. So, get comfy! Here goes the sequel!

Expand Your Email List

We live in the era of online communication; especially now, when the biggest part of our planet is in quarantine, due to the global pandemic. Therefore, communication channels such as chat apps and messengers are at the peak of their popularity. Unfortunately, most business owners underestimate the impact of email on their business. That’s why nearly 90% of small business owners widely use this tool, in order to catch more customers. There are lots of tips concerning email marketing; just dive deeper, and it will help you boost your business.


Try to Offer a Free Shipping

Before putting any fees on shipping, think twice, since it is a general rule that Amazon provides its customers with a free shipping option. And of course, this fact will have a negative aspect on your sales. That’s because no one wants to pay extra cost for shipping; we offer you an optimal solution to this problem: you can offer free shipping, and if your customer wants to get the order faster, they should pay the extra money and get their order in a timely matter. As a result, both you and your customer will be satisfied.

About an Excellent User Experience

Another crucial part of running a perfect e-commerce business is to create a super professional website in order to simplify the process of buying your products. Therefore, it is better to avoid using widgets, graphics, and other options that can confuse your customers. It is better to show your contact information as a trust factor.

What About Price?

By running a business on Amazon, you should accept the fact that Amazon is the one who dictates the rules in this field. So, it can easily lower prices on certain products, and continue turning a good profit. But if you are a small business owner, any changes in your price strategy may be crucial for your business. That’s because once you raise the price on your product, you will get suspended for a price-gouging violation. At the same time, if you put a lower price, you can also get suspended for something like an intellectual property violation.


Building a profitable business on Amazon is a very tricky process since there are lots of important aspects that you have to consider in your operation. One of the most crucial things is to know how to compete on Amazon, since you should be ready that 2.5 million sellers are ready to rip out competitors’ throats in order to gain customers’ attention. Therefore, it is important to be aware of all the ins-and-outs of this business. We want you to know that Got Suspended Clients’ team is working 24/7 in order to help Amazon sellers run a smooth business on Amazon. If you got suspended and do not know how to return your selling privileges, contact our team and we will help you with the reinstatement process! We do not only help you reinstate your suspended account, but also teach you how to succeed in your Amazon business!