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We all know that working on Amazon is not an easy task to deal with. You have to comply with different policies and regulations, provide good customer service, be polite and patient. You also have to keep an eye on your inventory and your suppliers, so that no product is damaged, defective, inauthentic, or low-quality. Otherwise, the platform will hit you with an Amazon seller suspension, and leave you alone with all your dreams and naive expectations!


As you can see, there’s nothing easy about selling on Amazon, especially when it comes to maintaining your reputation as an Amazon seller. 


Did You Know About Amazon Supply Chain Standards? 


Amazon is literally a customer-centric company: everything it does, it does for its faithful customers. For this very reason, Amazon pays attention not only to the behavior of sellers but also to the supply chain sellers are using. 


And you know what’s the most important thing about Amazon’s intentions? They pay attention not only to the quality of the product but also to the environment where it was created! If you want to see all the requirements and expectations for suppliers, vendors, and service providers, keep reading! 


Safe Workplaces


Amazon is a gigantic platform where millions of sellers are operating their businesses. However, not everyone is ready to comply with Amazon’s requirements, and you know why? Because most probably the cheap and high-quality supplier they have found is a place where workers don’t have basic work and health-related guarantees: they are being exploited! 


As Amazon says, suppliers should be able to provide their employees with a healthy work environment and make sure that their actions are in accordance with the laws of working conditions. According to Amazon, these laws include adequate fire safety systems, sanitary dormitories, and so forth! 


Freely Chosen Employment


Supply chains that consist of forced labor are not an option on Amazon! You either work with suppliers who give their workers the opportunity to choose, and sell on Amazon or work with them and sell your items somewhere else. 


And of course, Amazon takes certain measures to create holistic approaches while fighting against forced labor. So, make sure you double-check your supplier before working with them, it may be dangerous sometimes. 


Empowering Women 


As you can see, feminism is also a part of Amazon’s strategy which implies paying attention to everyone! In this case, Amazon takes measures to encourage women to be more independent and autonomous, especially in the field of health, career development, and finances. 


So, if the supplier doesn’t comply with this criterion, say bye-bye to them! 


If You Want To Know More…

To know more about Amazon supply chain standards and the sanctions you may face in case of not complying with them, read the second part of this article! And if you’re suspended and don’t know what to do, contact us now: we will reinstate Amazon seller account suspensions with our eyes closed, you just have to get in touch with us!