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We’re always talking about suspensions, while there are things that are still unspoken! That’s why we decided to talk about a factor that always takes part in almost every suspension on Amazon. As you probably guessed, we will be talking about the supply chain and its weight in the Amazon world.

This is the list of suspensions that are triggered because of low-quality suppliers or manufacturers.

Inauthentic Suspensions

There are different ways to find your account suspended because of inauthentic issues. Most of them happen because customers identify the issue as not-as-described, not-as-advertised, not the quality expected and so forth. This can happen to everyone, including you! However, in most cases, sellers are not really the ones to blame…

This issue arises very often, especially when you have no idea who you are working with! For example, you may think that you’re working with a legitimate supplier or manufacturer that intends to provide good customer service to you, while in reality, all you do is just working with a fly-by-night company, with no standards and quality.

It’s not really surprising that most of the sellers are informed about the issue only after their Amazon suspension. And you know why? Because most of them don’t really use the products they sell, which in turn makes them think that products are really good. And even if there are some negative reviews, they still think that negativity exists in all stores and that it’s not a big deal!

IP Suspensions

As you already know, Amazon wants you to sell products that are manufactured or produced in accordance with their policies. The most important policy that needs to be considered is Amazon’s Supply Chain Standards policy. However, let’s not focus on that for a moment, and talk about intellectual property (IP) suspensions and how they happen.

IP suspensions generally happen because of two main reasons: deliberately selling counterfeit products, and unknowingly sourcing products that are counterfeit and listing them on Amazon.

In this case, we will discuss the second option. Usually, suppliers claim that what they sell is 100% original and high-quality. But please, before even working with them, check their legitimacy! Sellers who are willing to operate a legitimate business on Amazon, fall into the trap of fishy companies and unintentionally demonstrate “real” products to Amazon customers.

How to Avoid Amazon Supply Chain Suspensions?

The best way to avoid this type of suspension is to understand how the system works and how one can easily identify fake suppliers. Here’s the comprehensive guide for those who want to learn all those tricky ways to find and get rid of bogus companies:

Remember, we’re living in a century where information is more available than it always was! So, go ahead and work with the internet, social media, and search engines. Search the name of the potential supplier, go through their website and look for vital information, such as contact info.

Normally, you will find it at the bottom of the website, in the “contact us,” about us” sections. What’s more, you can go through the comments, reviews, and feedback from simple sellers like you, understand what they like and what they don’t, and so forth… Even though identifying a fake supplier seems hard, it’s so not! Usually, fake suppliers don’t care about their websites. So, in most cases, you will figure out everything in a couple of seconds.

If you already found the contact information of your suppliers, send them a letter and make a call. Real suppliers will respond to your letters in a very short period of time, meanwhile, the fake ones won’t even answer! What’s more, if you call a legitimate and real supplier, you will usually have to speak with a communications worker or a dispatcher, who will kindly guide you through the process.

In other words, this is what selling on Amazon looks like! You always have to double-check, do research and only then start your selling career on this platform. Yeah, that’s sad, but you should play by Amazon’s rules if you want to make the best out of all its advantages!

If you got suspended and don’t really know why that happened, get in touch with our Amazon appeal service, and we will help you! Our specialists will not only help you figure out the cause of suspensions but will also tailor a great Amazon appeal letter that will rapidly reinstate your seller account!