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So you have read the first part of our article, and now are thinking about the rest of Amazon supply chain standards and sanctions that are waiting for you? Well, you have made the right choice by digging deeper and reading this piece! Understanding Amazon policies and requirements is one of the key points of selling on Amazon: if you know, you know! And by the way, if you want to avoid the all-famous Amazon seller suspension, you have to know EVERYTHING!    


So in general, there are 5 Amazon supply chain standards.


The first three are explained in the first part of the article, and today, we will understand what those two are and what awaits you in the future if you ignore the warnings.


Main Concept 


As we said, Amazon is one of the most customer-orientated companies that have ever existed. Amazon is literally dancing attendance to its buyers because it knows that they are its only source of income! 


For this very reason, Amazon wants to have a good reputation in the eyes of its customers, which can be easily accomplished by paying attention to the suppliers you are working with. Amazon wants to show that everything they do is completely legal and fair, even when the platform is working for money and income. 


Fair Wages


According to the platform and to the entire world in general, everyone has the right to receive a salary, which will be enough to “meet their basic needs and the needs of their families.” And this is quite a noble reason to terminate the relationship with the supplier you’re working with: otherwise, Amazon will do that on its own! 


This means that if Amazon detects a supplier that treats its workers unfairly, doesn’t pay salaries on time, or does nothing but offer a paltry sum, Amazon will warn you…!


Environmental Protection


Let’s be honest, Amazon is a very eco-friendly company, or at least, it tries to be one. This can be easily proved by looking at their recent activities: reducing water usage in data centers, using sustainable aviation fuel, improving the packaging to make it better, eco-friendly and waste-eliminating, and of course, sturdy and stable. However, there’s one more thing that you probably didn’t know! 


As you already understood, suppliers should match Amazon FBA requirements as well. Otherwise, their products won’t be listed on Amazon or will be eventually banned from the platform. This is why Amazon wants to welcome suppliers who offer products that positively impact the environment and communities, and doesn’t unnecessarily harm our world. 


What If Your Suppliers Do Not Meet These Criteria?


Amazon is a very powerful platform that has different methods to detect suspicious activities and rogue sellers. For this very reason, it is able to identify the suppliers who are not suitable for this job. If you want to know what exactly happens if you sell products that come from suppliers whose activities infringe Amazon’s requirements, let’s have a look at the case study published by the platform. 


A random seller was selling products sourced from a factory with unsafe working conditions in Bangladesh. This is why Amazon, of course, warned the seller and removed the products connected with such factories from the Amazon Store.


As you can see, this is not an Amazon suspension, but it could have been one! If customers detected the issue before Amazon did, they would surely file a complaint against you and your store. This will in turn trigger a suspension and leave you with nothing, NOTHING!


Call Us! 

The Amazon suspension is one of the biggest obstacles you will eventually face on Amazon. It’s not only about violating the policies and harming the customer service: sometimes Amazon does that for nothing, just to make sure you’re a legit seller. So, if you got hit with an Amazon account suspension and don’t know what to do, give us a call!