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We all need some kind of protection, especially when it comes to inventions, products, and ideas (Trademark Property)! No one wants to be copied, and that’s why everyone has intellectual property rights which are properly protected, especially on eCommerce platforms like Amazon.


Trademark is a type of intellectual property, which refers to your ideas, creations, business names, logos, and so forth. For example, if you have invented an entirely new coffee machine, you should apply for a patent, just to make sure your brainchild is properly protected, and won’t be copied.


As we said, a trademark is a part of Intellectual Property, which should theoretically protect something original. In this case, you can’t trademark your product or creation (see our FAQ for Patents); it refers to your brand name and logo; basically, all the things that make your business unique and recognizable!


Trademark Property:  Why Should You Trademark Your Business Name and Logo? 


  1. They say that you’ll know you’re winning when you see you’re being copied; but honestly, who wants to taste the bitter consequences of counterfeiters? No one! That’s why you should trademark your name and logo, to become untouchable for others who are too unimaginative to create theirs. If someone suddenly decides to copy your product, you can easily sue them and win the case!


  1. It’s normal that you, as a newly formed business, need some investment. That’s possible with the right investors who can help you grow your business and make big profits; but can you convince them to give you money? It will be easier with an already trademarked name and logo, which will show that you are not a fraudster, but a seller with huge potential!


  1. Have you ever experienced customer confusion syndrome? It’s when you find a product under a brand, and you can’t understand whether this brand is the original one or not. This usually happens with small companies that aren’t prominent enough to dispel customer confusion. So, if you want to avoid that and gain customers instead of losing them, trademark is the best solution.


Long story short, trademark will protect your business name and logo, thereby keeping you away from false pretenses and other unwelcome activities. So, make sure you spare no money and time on this process because that’s what truly matters, especially on Amazon!

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