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Let’s forget about suspensions for a moment, and just speak about programs that Amazon offers (such as Amazon Accelerator). Ironically, even these programs have their own sanctions which are very similar to Amazon suspensions, because of which we decided to raise awareness and educate our clients on the matter.

Amazon has different programs that can help Amazon sellers. Since Amazon is one of the most innovative platforms of our reality, it keeps launching new programs and services, in order to involve more sellers and more brands on its platform. One of these programs is Amazon Accelerator.

Amazon Accelerator: Definition

As we said, there are certain programs that are designed specifically for sellers and brands of Amazon. Obviously, if we’re talking about Amazon Accelerator in this very article, it means that this program as well has the same purpose. To be more precise, this program “enables manufacturers to launch brands and innovative products exclusively on Amazon and provides a path to become an Amazon Private Brands supplier.”

Is It Really That Good?

This program, of course, has its pros because of which many people want to participate. For example, by choosing Amazon Accelerator, you save time! In other words, this is what you’ll get within the participation:

  • Amazon and its team (which is obviously highly professional) will take care of the marketing of your store. This includes both social media and email marketing.
  • Do you remember our article about Amazon Vine? Well, this program offers it for free!
  • By choosing Accelerator, you will have free product page content. Of course, you can do this on your own, but the content of Amazon’s team will give your products a more professional and mature look!
  • “You can easily test new innovative products and get quick customer feedback.”
  • “Amazon will maintain exclusivity over your brand,” which is quite obvious, since Amazon will have a total control over your business!
Same Question: Is It Really That Good?

Now, it’s time to talk about the disadvantages, because of which not everyone is ready to take part in this program. The cons include:

  • According to Amazon, “suppliers will create and trademark their own Amazon-exclusive brand. The brand will remain exclusive to Amazon.” Doesn’t it trigger a red flag for you when you understand that your brand automatically becomes the property of Amazon? Well, don’t know about you, but we are concerned!
  • As you can already understand, you lose your independence and the control over your business.
  • Compared to you, Amazon will obviously get higher profit margins.
Amazon Accelerator Sanctions

Of course, Amazon doesn’t directly mention Amazon suspensions; however, it still talks about sanctions that exist within this program. These sanctions concern the products that you will be selling while working with Amazon accelerator, and now we will show you what exactly Amazon expects from you as the member of this program!

Amazon has a special list of products that are not eligible for the Accelerator program. These products include not only “adult” products, but also the innocent ones. Why? Because even toddler beds or baby products can harm customers! So, if you want to work with Amazon Accelerator, you have to choose a product category that is allowed to sell on Amazon.

To better understand the situation, here are some products that are not eligible for this program: trampolines, emergency contraceptives, toddler beds, full-size baby cribs, and so on…

However, if you decide to secretly sell those products via Amazon Accelerator, Amazon AI will detect the crime and immediately punish you. As Amazon says, this program reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of the sold products, which means that if you go against Amazon, Amazon will go against you. Therefore, Amazon can do anything in order to bring brands (sellers) to justice! Amazon itself says that it will “take corrective actions including but not limited to immediately removing listings and terminating Accelerator participation,” so be careful!

In other words, even if it’s not called a suspension , it doesn’t mean it isn’t! If you are a seller who got suspended because of Amazon’s customer-centric policies and guidelines, or because of rogue activities and dishonest actions, you can easily get reinstated! If your Amazon brand, store or business is on the verge of destruction, we are offering one of the best Amazon reinstatement services of this industry!

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