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There are thousands of legends and myths about Amazon seller suspensions. Half of them are true, and half of them are completely impossible to imagine! However, there’s one thing that is always true and will always stay the same: Amazon suspends sellers. The reason is not important anymore, because Amazon suspends both sellers who did the “bad” thing, and sellers who did nothing! So, if you’re suspended on Amazon don’t panic, everyone is!

Amazon is a marketplace that values customer service and puts its buyers on the top of the pedestal. This is why every single suspicious activity triggers an Amazon suspension. However, there’s one thing that you probably didn’t know!


Suspension is all about sellers….Well; this is how almost everyone thinks, at least! However, little did sellers know that even brands can get suspended on Amazon! This is especially surprising because sellers are always considered as “resellers,” who don’t have their own brand or their own products. At the same time, brands are considered as something bigger and something more profitable. So, it’s quite understandable that the term “suspended brands” is unfamiliar to your ears. But yes, that’s possible!

Let’s Dive Deeper!

In general, there are two types of brands. Brands who operate their business as Amazon sellers and those from whom Amazon sources its products for “sold by Amazon” feature. It’s also important to know that in order to avoid Amazon confusion, Amazon won’t let the second type of brands sell the products as sellers in the Amazon store. This means that if Amazon is sourcing its products from your brand, you won’t be able to sell on Amazon as a seller, and that’s quite logical!

However, today we will mainly talk about the brands that sell on Amazon as Amazon sellers. You see, even brands have to meet Amazon’s standards and follow its policies, and that’s wh Amazon controls these brands as well. In fact, Amazon doesn’t care whether you’re a brand or a seller, because customer service remains the same. If you hurt Amazon customers while being an ordinary seller or let’s say a legal person, you will still damage Amazon’s customer-centric strategy. At the same time, you can mess things up while being an entity. So, as you can see Amazon doesn’t really care about you and your business. Suspension is a suspension, what can we say?

What’s So Different About Brands?

Well, even though brands sell like sellers on Amazon, this marketplace looks at them a little bit differently. As we said, there’s always a slight difference between sellers and brands, and Amazon understands that. However, there’s one thing that unites sellers and brands: Amazon is obsessed with customers and it will help both brands and merchants to provide good customer service. For this, Amazon helps them, by providing them with “tools for inventory management and automated pricing, fulfillment services like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), and services to grow and protect your Brand like Brand Registry.”

As you can see, you need to meet Amazon’s standards in order to sell on this marketplace. The problem is not the seller, the real problem is the service that the seller provides. So be careful while selling on Amazon, dangerous things can happen! More specifically, Amazon can take your selling and other privileges away if you don’t “behave” well, and here’s the proof:

“If you cannot maintain our standards for customer experience, you might lose certain privileges associated with operating as a seller in the Amazon store (including having your offers featured on product detail pages), or you might lose the opportunity to operate as a seller in the Amazon store altogether.”

Where Can I Find More Info?

You can find more info in Amazon’s policy section. This policy is called “Standards for Brands Selling in the Amazon Store” and regulates all the possible and impossible things that can happen while selling on Amazon as a brand. As we said, we were talking about brands, and therefore, this policy is only about them, and not sellers. In other words, this policy applies to Brands and manufacturers, their agents, licensees, and other representatives selling on their behalf on Amazon.

It’s hard to accept that you are suspended, even if you’re a brand. However, we assure you that there’s always a way out of this situation. In case of bad scenarios and nightmares, contact us and we will resolve this unpleasant and horrid situation with the help of our perfectly tailored appeals! So contact us, we are waiting for you!