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If you are a beginner in doing your business on Amazon, you should be more careful in your business operation since there is a chain of mistakes that is typical for new Amazon sellers. Sometimes even a minor mistake can cost a lot of money and will even lead to your Amazon account suspension. Therefore, as a new seller, you should pay twice the attention.

There are plenty of mistakes you can make which will leave you with an Amazon seller suspended account, but Got Suspended Clients has listed these 6 mistakes as some of the biggest ones:

Breaking the Rules

This is a given. Before starting your business as a seller, try to make sure that you are aware of Amazon’s rules and policies since any inattentive mistake can cost you because you will risk losing both your inventory and your selling privileges (a less shocking way of saying you’ll have your seller account suspended).

Overlooking Competition

When you are doing product research on Amazon, make sure you pinpoint your main competitors. Try to focus on reviews. If the product’s reviews are more than 100, it means that the product is highly competitive. For more information on Amazon competitions, read our competition blogs here.

Not Inspecting Your Suppliers

Given the fact that most Amazon suspensions are rooted in cooperation with invalid suppliers, you, unfortunately, cannot trust every supplier during your operation on Amazon. Therefore, try to build a valid supply chain and work only with brands or their authorized distributors; this way, you will protect yourself from further issues.

Failing to Choose the Right Products

When choosing products you want to sell, try to be more creative and choose products for which the demand is high. The likelihood is that the customer will choose the products that have the most reviews is enormous. It will help you succeed in your business.  Try to read all the reviews left by costumers before listing a product; it will help you understand the demand for it.

Going Overboard

Don’t bite more than you can swallow. Most sellers approach the issue of buying inventory more seriously than required, getting an extra amount of products. Of course, in most cases, they do this because buying more products is cheaper. However, there is another side of the coin. If you are using the FBA model, you have to pay Amazon for keeping your products in their warehouses. If Amazon suspends your account, automatically it keeps all your stocks in its warehouses, and it will cost your arm and leg to reinstate your Amazon seller account. This can be especially problematic if your products have expiration dates. For more information on bulk purchases, read our wholesale blog here.

Not Focusing on Reviews

One of the most vital parts for succeeding in your business on Amazon is positive reviews. More than 90% of the costumers make purchases based on good reviews. Starting up your business, try to get as many positive reviews as you can. If you are a beginner and do not have much experience in this sphere, contact our team, and we will help you climb the corporate ladder with more confident steps. However, getting good reviews must be done organically and legally. Faking reviews can lead to terrible consequences, as you can read in this blog.