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China is considered to be one of the developed countries of our time. And most of the sellers prefer to source their goods exactly from China. The goods there are incomparably cheaper, and there is no need for too much paperwork. However, as we’ve seen with practice, most Amazon sellers get their seller accounts suspended due to different violations that have a single root: China. Nope, we’re not saying “say no to China.”; we just want to present some tips which will help you prevent tons of issues within your business.


Take a Long-Term View

Try to do your best in creating powerful relationships with your Chinese partners and stay away from one-time transactions. As a rule, such kind of transactions do not meet all the necessary requirements for documentation and product quality. It’s better to concentrate on building trustful and healthy relationships in accordance with all the rules and regulations, right off the bat.

Who’s Who

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle is researching. However, keep in mind that finding the right suppliers is a very hard and time-intensive process. Dig deeper in order to find all the nuances of your potential suppliers. Of course, in the age of technology, most of the business owners prefer to make deals online, but we strongly recommend meeting all your partners face- to -face if you intend to build strong relationships with them. Worst comes to worst, you can just do a Skype call!

One of your main missions is to understand qualified suppliers. Try to lock onto the whole process of how your future product is manufactured. Which raw materials they are using? Does this product meet all the required standards? Ask them for all the documentation concerning their products and do not forget about invoices, otherwise you can easily get suspended due to inauthentic claims.

A Final Word

China will always remain a tidbit for most of the sellers since there aren’t many countries which offer the goods with such tempting prices. Unfortunately, sometimes the seller does not completely realize how dangerous it could be if you will ignore guidelines. For example, if you are sourcing low-quality, damaged products, in terrible packaging, you can get hit with an Amazon seller suspension. If you don’t have proper documentation on your inventory, it may lead to ab inauthentic suspension.

Specifically, for such kind of issues, we at Got Suspended Clients work 24/7 in order to reinstate your seller account. Our Amazon appeal service will not only help you find the root cause of your issue, but also will draft a professional Plan of Action in order to return your seller privileges in the blink of an eye.