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Okay, you finally decided. You weighed all the options, you talked to everyone there is to talk to, and you’ve made the decision to start your business on Amazon. You spend days trying to choose the right products to sell, put together what you think is a fool-proof strategy and you are ready to overcome all obstacles and conquer Amazon, full of hope and ambitions.

Suddenly, your account suspension shows up as a nasty cold sore.

What? When? Why? How?

It’s beyond your wildest dreams. You have never imagined that it can happen to you; however, it has. It is a rule of thumb that most of the sellers who run their business on Amazon are not ready for this turn of events because it is considered to be an entirely new world for them, which is full of difficulties and unknown information.

First of all, calm down, take a deep breath, and try to play your cards right. Do not be afraid; if you come across some difficulties, we at Got Suspended Clients are always next to you. Our Amazon account reinstatement company is one of the most experienced companies in the e-commerce sphere, which helps sellers defeat any uphill battle.

Meanwhile, here are some instructions from our team for your confident fight against Amazon account suspensions:

Right off the bat, try to figure out everything about your suspension. What does it mean? And why has it happened to your account? What triggered it? Something went wrong, somewhere. Do not hurry up and make rash decisions by initiating aggressive moves until you have an overall understanding of what happened and why. Try to focus on the type of your suspension; it is considered to be the most crucial piece of the puzzle. You can get more information about all the types of Amazon suspension not only at Amazon’s Seller University but also in our web page, where you can find many interesting blogs for your successful operation on Amazon. The difference between us and Amazon is that we take an active role in educating our clients to the core.

Try to find out the root cause of your suspension and have a full understanding of your problem. Conduct a full audit within your business and detect your weak sides. Where you have gone wrong, and what lead to this suspension.

Once you understand what your suspension is about and detect the root cause of the suspension, it is time for drafting your appeal. Keep in mind that each point of your POA should be related to your suspension. Just keep an open line of communication with Amazon, trying to be completely transparent in your Plan of Action. Talk about the cause of your suspension and the measures that you have already taken. Drafting your suspension appeal is a very difficult and time-consuming process. If you feel uncomfortable within this suspension the Got Suspended Clients appeal team is ready to both write your POA and guide you during your suspension. Are you still looking for help with your Amazon suspension? Feel free to contact us right now!