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USPS On Weekends: Avoid Late Delivery

By July 2, 2020No Comments

Amazon suspensions are everywhere, and we think that it’s our Amazon appeal service’s mission to keep you away from getting your seller account suspended. We’ve seen every reason in the book when it comes to suspensions, and one of them is late delivery and or lost items. Amazon values its customers, which means they are its highest priority. Throughout your selling career, you should pay attention to on-time shipping, delivery, your goods and their packaging. Otherwise you will get suspended and harm your Buy Box percentage.

Why Should You Know?

To deal with this, sellers should have reliable delivery partners and postal services, one of which is USPS – The United States Postal Service. Sellers who send their packages through the post office are prone to some risks. This means you should know everything about the service in order to avoid mistakes that will cost you an account.

One of the most baffling and inexplicable moments in sellers’ life happens when they ask themselves the same question over and over again: does USPS deliver on weekends? Because a lot is affected by the USPS, such as your seller account, selling career, Buy Box percentage and even more.


In order to precisely calculate your shipment time, you should know that USPS does deliver on Saturday. More often, one of the most reputable and independent agencies is mostly delivering Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. To know more about their packages, make sure you check their website. Also, consider the location of the USPS warehouses, and the places USPS stores your packages before delivering them to your customer.


Yes, being one of the few government agencies that is directly authorized by the U.S. Constitution, USPS also delivers on Sundays. However, it delivers only Amazon Packages and Priority Mail Packages. The reason for this dates back to 2013, the year when Amazon and The USPS made an agreement. According to this, AMZ packages are to be shipped by the USPS on Sundays. In fact, working on weekends is money-consuming, and it is hazardous for this service to do so. Nevertheless, it is obligated to deliver on weekends.

But what if you promised your customer to deliver their order in 2 days, and sent it on Friday? Will it reach your customer on time? Will you make your customer happy exactly on Sunday? Well, this is not what you would like to hear; however, you should expand your delivery time! Because based on the location, the package is sent from and the destination, it will take about 1-3 days through Priority Mail.

In short, it is important to know where, how, and when your items will arrive at their final destination. A lot depends on this, including your account health and its future. Don’t be afraid from asking questions, especially when it comes to Amazon seller suspensions. Our Amazon reinstatement service will do everything to ensure your account is in a safe place. Because this is what professional appeal services do.  On top of that, our Got Suspended team is always here to answer any question you might have!