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In Search of The Truth: When Sellers Don’t Trust USPS

By March 12, 2021No Comments

We all know that Amazon sellers use USPS for shipping purposes.  They were using this service to ship the products to their customers on time, receive positive feedback and operate a legitimate business on Amazon. However, at some point sellers lost their trust towards the U.S. Postal Service! This is however very strange since USPS  itself says that their strategic initiatives and continuous improvement efforts are guided by the following goals: deliver a world-class customer experience and innovate faster to deliver value.

So who’s the one to blame when USPS doesn’t work and pending orders are waiting for their customers? That’s the question! You see, while working with the USPS, Amazon sellers as well automatically turn into clients who need faster delivery, world-class customer experience and all that advantages that USPS clients are supposed to enjoy!

What Happened In Amazon Seller Central?

While scrolling down Amazon Seller central, reading sellers’ opinions and complaints, we found a very interesting topic: DO NOT TRUST USPS. Why? Let’s find out!

It turned out that the U.S. Postal Service disrupted their delivery service because of winter weather events across the country. This drove many sellers crazy, since they knew that Amazon customers are merciless. If they don’t receive a product, they will surely write and leave a negative review or feedback. They know that apart from customers, Amazon will also participate in this disaster.

“The national transportation network has been severely disrupted by the multiple winter weather events across the country. The situation has affected USPS transportation and processing capabilities. Therefore, according to the Domestic Mail Manual Section 604.9.5.5 Priority Mail Express money-back guarantee is suspended nationwide as of Friday, February 19, 2021 through Thursday, February 25, 2021.”

The problem is that all those late deliveries and negative reviews will trigger an Amazon suspension. Just like its customers, Amazon is also merciless. No natural disaster can stop this platform from doing the “right” thing, and that’s honestly very scary! This is what a seller says about this situation:

“Sellers are still dealing with the ramifications of late deliveries caused by a brutal holiday-season shipping logjam, and now they are dealing with another nationwide shipping disaster.”

Suspensions, They Are Fated!

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t think about its sellers. It sees only a dissatisfied customer who didn’t get the ordered product. This is why Amazon sellers are panicking when the postal service of their country temporarily stops its service.

If you are suspended because of the current events, make sure you contact professionals who will help you reinstate your case in the blink of an eye. Yes, suspensions are a bitter pill to swallow, but they are still true and they need a proper solution. Real professionals will structure your appeal letter according to the situation and will prove to Amazon that it was not your fault and that it was impossible to predict!

But Wait, Is USPS Really Guilty?

Of course, not! Don’t forget that apart from suspensions and Amazon, USPS also has clients. Without its deliveries, USPS will surely lose a significant amount of money. So, they are also in trouble! Luckily, there were also sellers who understood the reality and who didn’t blame USPS.  For example:

“But what happens if a tornado comes along and wipes that town off the map on Tuesday? Should you still be eligible for the guarantee to deliver to a now non-existent address on Wednesday? All the ‘retroactive’ part means is that packages that were eligible for a delivery guarantee at the time of shipment (before the natural disaster occurred) are no longer eligible if a natural disaster comes along and changes things while the package is in transit. They are cancelling the delivery guarantee retroactively, going back to the date of shipment.”

As you can see, reality can be different. Even though some situations and events are not under our control, there are certain things that can be predicted and solved if they are in the right hands. More specifically, if your account got suspended because of natural disasters and the USPS being unable to deliver products, you shouldn’t waste your time on blaming the weather or USPS. You can spend this time wisely by contacting Amazon reinstatement professionals and appealing your suspension.

If you have questions about the appealing process, prices and other details that will reinstate your account, just give us a call or leave us a message.