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Things You Should Never Do If Your Amazon Seller Account Is Suspended!

As an Amazon seller, you will agree that Amazon does not create a big barrier to enter its market; however, for most sellers, it is too hard not to get their Amazon account suspended.. The main reason is that Amazon becomes extremely demanding when it comes to selling on its platform. Therefore, there are several important key details that every seller must keep in mind in order to run a safe business on Amazon.

But, if there is one thing that you cannot prevent or even predict, it is an Amazon suspension. It can occur at any moment when you least expect it.  As an Amazon seller, you have to keep in mind that there are tons of reasons which may trigger your account’s deactivation: from mismatching information to more serious issues like violation of Amazon’s policies. You can read this blog where we talk about how to reduce the possible risks of getting your Amazon account suspended.

Today, we are going to guide you through the main vital mistakes that sellers make after receiving a notification about their account’s deactivation. So, take your notebooks and sharpen your pencils, dear sellers! This class has a lot to learn.


Let’s say you are an Amazon seller and your account was suspended by Amazon’s Performance team. As practice shows, the most fatal mistakes were made exactly at this stage of a suspension. That’s because sellers, in panic,  try to return their business in every way possible way without understanding that each wrong step will be used against them.

Opening Another Seller Account!

One of the most common mistakes that most suspended sellers make is trying to open up another seller account by using a suspended account’s information.  As a result, they double their problems, since Amazon has a powerful algorithm in place which can easily detect links between different accounts you will also get suspended for running multiple Amazon accounts behind Amazon’s back. It is wise to mention that this type of Amazon suspension is considered to be the hardest one for reinstatement.


Writing an Amazon Appeal Letter to Amazon by Yourself!

Another popular mistake that every suspended seller makes is writing an Amazon suspension appeal letter by themselves. You can read this blog about the importance of  the first impressions when you write your first Amazon appeal letter to the Seller Performance team.

Nowadays, there are lots of professional Amazon appeal services that specialize in reinstatements and know how to reactivate Amazon seller account. But not everyone is actually good at it! Contact Got Suspended Client’s  Amazon reinstatement service and we will help you handle the entire process of your suspension from scratch. In this case, you can be sure that you work with professionals who are able to reactivate Amazon seller account suspension within a few days.

 Do Not Edit Your Invoices!

As our practice shows, an inauthentic suspension is one of the most common ones. That’s because Amazon wants to make sure that its customers get solely high quality and genuine products. Therefore, it requires that its sellers have valid invoices at hand in order to prove the authenticity of their goods. Unfortunately, there are some cases when sellers mistakenly edit their invoices by highlighting vital information such as ASINs or the name of the store without even realizing that it is a perfect reason for getting a Forged and Manipulated documents suspension.

Do Not Keep Sending Multiple Letters!

Once, you submit your first Plan of Action, you should wait up a while before submitting your next appeal letter. Unfortunately, there are lots of impatient sellers who do not want to wait and submit several letters within a few days. Once you send your Plan of Actions, wait a while until the Seller Performance team will respond to it. Then you can draft another letter by including required information that was missing in the first one.


If you are an Amazon seller who finds their Amazon account suspended for the first time, we suggest to not take any actions and reach out to Got Suspended Client’s team ASAP. Our appeal reinstatement service will help you reinstate your seller account in the shortest period of time. We specialize in the reinstatement of different types of Amazon suspensions and can help you return your selling privileges like nobody else in this industry.

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