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They say “don’t wait for a perfect moment, create it,” and we can see that by the example Amazon set for us. Being a huge opportunist, Amazon has created many variations of itself; let’s say it became the father of many children, many services that are created for its customers’ convenience. And guess what? It succeeded!

As we said, Amazon has created numerous services, and one of them is FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon. At first sight, this service may convince you that it’s created for the sake of Amazon sellers; but in reality, it is just created for customers and undoubtedly, for Amazon itself. All you do is send your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers, and enjoy how Amazon ships your products to its customers. In other words, a heaven for sellers, especially when they are almost sure that Amazon will do everything better than they would, and they will probably avoid getting suspended. 

There are several Amazon FBA mistakes you should avoid if you’re using Amazon’s FBA service; otherwise, your account will never see Amazon again, since it will be lost in the wilds of the suspension world!

  1. If you’re doing everything by yourself, don’t forget to double check the inventory you’re sending to Amazon. This advice won’t sound strange if you imagine the following situation: you’re selling beauty products and clothing on your account. You decide to send your beauty products to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, but instead, they receive fashionable outfits, which they obviously don’t need. How can a person order beauty products if all you have in Amazon’s warehouse is clothing? And besides, it is still a question if Amazon will accept wrong products or not! So, if you don’t want to have problems with Amazon, and its main weapon (suspensions) please be careful during this process!
  2. Our Amazon appeal and reinstatement service, Got Suspended?, has successfully cooperated with many Amazon sellers and reinstated many accounts. During that period, we have seen many sellers who failed at packaging. Your inventory suffers because of poor knowledge on proper packaging, but you can easily fix that by reading this article. Remember, if Amazon accepts a damaged product, it may not always detect it, which is even worse! If Amazon doesn’t notice the damage, a faulty, scratched or smashed product will eventually arrive to Amazon customer. Who is going to pay the price? You, of course!
  3. Don’t overdo, but don’t underdo anything on Amazon either. We are talking about sending the inventory to Amazon. It’s pretty obvious that you can’t send your entire inventory to Amazon, and expect it to sell like hotcakes. On the other hand, it’s also very obvious that you just can’t send a small number of items if you have a high flow of orders. So, you should always calculate the exact inventory you may need to send to Amazon. If you’re thinking about overstocking, you’d better not! Some of your products may not sell, which will mean that Amazon will still have your products in its warehouse, in which case you will be charged a certain amount of money. On the other hand, if a customer orders your product, but Amazon doesn’t have it, you will get suspended, easy as it is!

Even though being an FBA seller is pretty easy and there’s less risk of suspensions, you should still do some work to guarantee a healthy and successful business on Amazon. Learn from the mistakes of our appeal service’s customers who once got suspended even though they were using FBA. If you’re already facing Amazon suspension, make sure you read our blogs and educate yourself on suspensions and reinstatement! If you’re having issues, let us know and we will be at your side at all times!