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Let’s continue our tour through Amazon. As many of you may already know, Amazon is a huge e-commerce platform, where millions of customers shop with confidence and safety. But little do they know that their excellent shopping experience is being handled at the cost of Amazon sellers, who continuously find their Amazon accounts suspended. Even though Amazon suspension occurs mostly because of sellers’ negligence and numerous mistakes, accounts can be deactivated in the battle against other sellers as well. As you may already understand, neck-to-neck competition on Amazon won’t end well.

What if you run out of inventory at the drop of a hat? This is a real recipe for disaster, as anyone can do that to you. Imagine you’re operating your business, confirming and fulfilling your orders, and everything goes simply right for you. Suddenly, a customer orders a large quantity of a product listed on your Amazon account. You know that if you fulfill the order, you’ll immediately become “Out of Stock” on that specific product, and on the other hand, canceling the order will ruin your metrics. It’s a tough call. What would you do? Most of the sellers would choose the first option because of the customer service, because of being scared of dissatisfied customers. You confirmed the order and now you’re out of stock; meanwhile, your competitor gets the Buy Box and enjoys his victory in seventh heaven.

You probably heard about leaving positive and negative reviews, didn’t you? Unfortunately, this is not the worst-case scenario; however, knowing the score will surely benefit you in your everyday business operations. Sellers who want to never see you again will come up with crazy ideas in order to win the race.

Would you think that sellers can make people buy your products and return them afterward? Multiple returns will provoke Amazon and result in Amazon seller account suspension.

Another danger Got Suspended Clients has noticed is connected with your “Inactive listings.” Finding them is as easy as pie since the only thing you should do is type “ currently unavailable.” With its help, competitors can find your products and do whatever they want. These cruel actions work and guess what? Your account is suspended again.

In one word, everyone talks about selling on Amazon and its benefits. Unfortunately, the ones who speak about it as a stunning experience haven’t probably faced competition and its dark side. Moreover, some people are being economical with the truth, tying to omit important information about sellers who will do everything in order to kick you out of this game. It’s important for you to know all the ins and outs of Amazon in order to be competitive enough! In case you Got Suspended, contact us and we will help you reinstate your seller account: unfair sellers won’t be full of the joys of spring, especially after the reinstatement of your account!