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Have you ever thought that your seller account could get suspended merely for reaching limits in high sales? Unfortunately, it is true. Amazon can easily shut down your seller account just for showing high metrics in sales. If you are a novice seller on Amazon, you should be extra careful, since this type of suspension is especially popular among Amazon’s beginners, and one of the hardest ones in a matter of reinstatement. In order to protect our customers, Got Suspended Clients’ team has prepared several facts concerning sales velocity suspensions. Keep reading our blog, and you will learn what is it and how you can handle this issue if you are unlucky enough to experience it.

Guest of Honor

According to Amazon, the main goal of the Velocity limit is to protect both Amazon customers and sellers from counterfeit issues. Generally, every Amazon seller is provided with the same limit in sales. Accordingly, if your business is going well and you show high sales in your operation, Amazon can suspect you in doing shady deals and will suspend your selling privileges until they can review your account. As a rule, mostly new accounts which show high sales in a very short period of time are at risk of this suspension. One of the most suspicious aspects for Amazon is when a seller doesn’t have many reviews from customers to account for high sales in short periods of time. In this case, your seller account will be suspended until Amazon conducts a full investigation of your operation on its platform.

What Do They Want?

If you want to show Amazon that your business is completely transparent and that you have not violated Amazon’s rules, you should provide Amazon with all the necessary documents, including invoices and letter of authorization. Your main mission is to prove to Amazon that you are selling solely genuine products, which are coming from trustworthy suppliers. In case you are not able to provide Amazon with required documents, boom! They will immediately suspend your seller account for selling inauthentic products. The facts are facts: if you want to avoid such kind of issues within your operation, you should be extra careful when it comes to sourcing products.

And so, it is therefore understandable why you should work solely with brands or their authorized distributors. We strictly recommend that you pay particular attention to the products which are coming to your warehouses. Additionally, ask your suppliers to provide you with invoices in order to ensure that you do not have any inauthentic issues with Amazon in the future. Or, it is better to trust this process to professional companies like our partners are. Reach out to Jerome Basilio’s team and they will gladly help you find the best distributors, and make best investments for your e-commerce businesses’ fast development.

Meanwhile, let’s return to our main topic, and try to understand how you can solve velocity limit issues by yourself. An order report is another crucial aspect in this issue. Try to provide Amazon with a comprehensive report which contains information about orders which were shipped by you, proving all your sales are real.

Sometimes Amazon requirements can reach their absurd levels. However, if you want to stay afloat of this business, you have to abide by all Amazon’s requirements. In light of all the above-mentioned, you can ensure that a lot of sales is not always good. If you receive a Velocity Limit suspension, and do not know how to handle it by yourself contact Got Suspended Clients’ team and we will not only reveal the real issue of your suspension, but also help you return your selling privileges in a matter of days!







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