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Recently, Amazon has started offering a service called “try-before-you-buy” Amazon Prime Wardrobe. The main idea of this service is to provide customers with an opportunity to put an order with nearly eight clothing products and pay for the one which you are going to buy, while returning the others.

The service is unique in that in that it is one of the first ecommerce service of its kind which allows the buyer to experience a purchase which is as close as it gets to shopping at a physical clothing store. It is available solely to Amazon Prime members. But what about the sellers? How do they manage to operate using this service? As always, sellers get the wet end of the stick!

Tortuous Seven-Day Period

What’s the harm in fulfilling large numbers of orders, letting customers try on different options, and make their final decision? As usual, the devil is in the details. Of course, everything would be perfect, if there were no extra rules. But there’s always a catch, and the catch here is that each opened item is considered to be “used” by none other than Amazon itself. So, imagine the magnitude of damage for Amazon sellers if each of the members of Amazon Prime put in orders for eight items and keep only one or two of them.  Of course, you can repackage the products and put them on your listings again; however, if Amazon finds out about it, you will immediately get suspended due to a used-sold-as-new or inauthentic claim. Unless you specify that the product is actually used.

Two Is Better than One

Of course, being a member of the Amazon Prime program gives you a ton of privileges over other sellers. However, we at Got Suspended Clients fully advise you to avoid participating in services like Amazon Prime wardrobe, since it may lead to very serious consequences within your business. The vast majority of online sellers prefer to order the same product in different sizes in order to understand which one suits them more. And logically, they will keep only one item, while sending you back the other ones.  It’s simple mathematics that it is better to sell one or two items and make sure that you will not get any of them back, than receive several opened items which are considered to be used by Amazon’s standards.


One-Time Products

As we have mentioned before, all the items being returned from the buyer cannot be listed on Amazon again. Even scratches or damages on the product’s box can be a reason for inauthentic suspensions. Therefore, we advise you to not sell returned items on Amazon, since doing so can be a perfect storm for your account’s deactivation.

As you can see, by applying to become a member of Amazon Prime Wardrobe, you may have substantial loses within your business, or even more, lose your Amazon account altogether. Got Suspended Clients will assist you with your account’s reinstatement if this occurs. We are skilled in reinstating all the types of suspensions, from verification to Inauthentic, and more complex cases. Contact us right now and all the issues within your Amazon business will be solved sooner than you might think!