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Christmas is something special and magical. This is a period when we lose our minds, spend time with our loved ones, receive gifts, and give smiles. This is a period to relax, enjoy your life and appreciate all the beautiful aspects of our lives.

What’s more important, Christmas is a good way to earn a fortune, especially for sellers of Amazon. We even have an article about that! If you were one of those sellers who made the best out of this Christmas hustle-and-bustle, then this blog is right for you!

Seems like Santa Came Back and Stole Your Gifts…

Did you receive many gifts? Did you earn the long awaited and desired fortune? Or maybe you received tons of positive feedback during the holidays? Well, they can be easily lost, or maybe even stolen by the platform itself! How? Suspensions can do that for Amazon!

What Can Happen?

In the crazy world of Amazon, everything is possible. You can normally operate your business, and boom, get suspended! You can provide excellent customer service, but still receive cease and desist letters, get intellectual property suspensions, or even have problems with the quality of your products. As you can understand, operating on Amazon is quite unpredictable, especially when everything is good, and you don’t expect something evil.

There are different types of suspensions that exist on the platform. However, there are some types of account deactivations that occur especially after the Christmas or any other holiday period! For example, sales velocity suspension, fair pricing policy suspension and so forth. Now let’s talk about each of them, and understand how and why they can occur.

Panicking is not a solution: we have to find the right answer instead. This is why we at Got Suspended Clients tend to educate our sellers and give them all thee how-to guides in case of suspensions. Now let’s dive deeper into the science of Amazon account suspensions and work!

Sales Velocity Review Suspension

Amazon loves its customers, and it’s quite predictable that the platform tends to navigate and control its sellers as much as it is possible. Even though Amazon wants its sellers to work better, provide a better customer service and of course, sell more products, it still suspects them if sales are relatively high. Out of logic and common sense? We know, this is Amazon!

So why on earth Amazon suspends sellers for having high sales? Just because it conducts velocity reviews. The main reason for doing this is to provide a safe environment for their new and loyal customers. Amazon itself says that there’s a certain possibility of getting suspended in case you meet the so-called suspending requirements. This is how Amazon identifies sales velocity review and the suspension related to it:

“If at any time during an evaluation we find that your current sales volumes or inventory are not supported by buyer feedback or an established sales history, we may place your account under review. If your seller account is placed under review, a temporary hold will be placed on funds in your account, and we may suspend your listings. Any funds withheld for an account review are separate from amounts withheld for other purposes, including A-to-z Guarantee claims, credit card chargebacks, and unshipped orders. Most reviews are completed within 30 days; however, we may extend the review period at our discretion.”

In other words, Amazon’s algorithm, A9, picks up high-velocity sales, identifies you as an allegedly rogue seller, gets suspicious and scrutinizes the account with great pleasure!

Fair Pricing Policy

To prevent sellers from any type of market manipulation, Amazon has a special suspending system. If Amazon identifies any sudden and unexpected changes, it first of all suppresses price hikes and only then suspends you. You just have to know that manipulation of item prices is considered evil, especially when it is directly connected to customers and how they may feel.

As you can see, Santa was kind to you during the holiday season but now the times have changed! Amazon account suspensions are so dangerous that sometimes they lead to numerous painful shutting downs! But lucky for you, Got Suspended Clients have a competent and experienced team ready to help   sellers through this tiring and wearing process. Contact us for more!




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