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Christmas… One of the most wonderful times of the year. It is not just a season, it is a feeling of happiness, hope and love. It’s a holiday which should be spent in a warm family atmosphere, near a fireplace, around the people you love. And, of course, this season is considered to be one of the craziest ones, especially when it comes to shopping! Why? Because people all over the world are rushing to get the best gifts for their loved ones. People are ready to spend their time in malls, in online stores and websites… In search of the best presents, they stand in line for miles in order to pay for their purchases.

However, the biggest part of Americans prefers making their purchases from eCommerce stores. But do you even realize how popular eCommerce websites are? Covid-19 is at the peak of spreading, and if you are an Amazon seller, you should concentrate all your efforts! In order not to mess up during this period sellers should know what to do!

Fortunately, Got Suspended Clients has prepared a present for our clients! This set of useful tips will help you succeed in your Amazon business during the Christmas time!

Just Plan It!

If you are an FBA seller and want to prepare yourself for the craziest time of the year, it is better to contact Amazon in advance in order to ensure that there are no missing products in Amazon’s warehouse. It will help you prepare for the biggest sales of the year and reduce the possibility of receiving a cancellation rate suspension. Keep in mind that sales will not stop on December since January is also considered to be an active period of sales. Sometimes, Amazon sellers cannot even imagine the massive wave of sales that they can face during Christmas: especially, if you are a newcomer on Amazon.

What to Sell?

If you are going to turn a good profit on Christmas sales, then you have to conduct a thorough investigation! Do you want to understand what types of products are popular among the Amazon community? We surely advise you to review what products were popular on Amazon last year. And if you want to ask us what people buy during Christmas, the answer is pretty simple: EVERYTHING!! Your main job is to figure out people’s habits, needs and desires: you just have to work on them.

Why FBA?

Every Amazon seller should be aware of the advantages provided by Fulfillment by Amazon. But why on earth should you work under this model? Because it can drastically help you run a smooth business on Amazon. Thus, if you are an FBA seller, you can compete for the buy box since Amazon provides free shipping for its FBA sellers. Amazon will take care of the entire process related to the customer services such as packaging, storage, shipping, and returns. Additionally, Amazon can communicate with your customers on your behalf to ensure that customers get their gifts in a timely manner. And the most pleasant part is that all the FBA products are eligible to take the advantage of gift wrapping services.


Before diving into Amazon’s Christmas fuss, you should definitely check Amazon’s gated categories again. Why? Just because sometimes Amazon decides to gate several products, especially close to Christmas. Therefore, it is better to verify everything in advance, in order to avoid any unforeseen situation with Amazon’s suspensions.  


As you can see, Christmas period is full of tricky points, and you, as an Amazon seller, have to do your best! This is the only way to avoid turning all the good parts of this period into a real nightmare. But if you face any issues during your operations on Amazon, contact us, and we will handle all the problems within your Amazon business. Our professional team at Got Suspended Clients always reinstates all the types of Amazon suspensions, and provides its sellers with detailed information on how to run a smooth and successful business on Amazon.