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Today at Got Suspended Clients, we will go wild with gated products and show you how everything works when you decide to sell animal-related products! But before that, let’s go through the basics and understand what gated products are!

As you may know, Amazon restricts certain products and categories to improve the quality of its business operations, make sure customers enjoy their shopping experience, and to guarantee its superiority!

Actually, you can find tons of helpful information in our previous blogs if you visit our blog section! However, to save you some time, we will show you the main categories and products that are restricted on Amazon:

  • Animals
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Art
  • Medical Devices
  • Cosmetics
  • Drugs
  • Jewelry

Acceptable Animal-Related Products

Before letting negativity come to the scene, let’s talk about the products that are actually allowed on Amazon. However, the list of these products is not really exhaustive, Amazon just gives its sellers certain examples to show what is generally accepted. Long story short, these are the products that Amazon finds within acceptable limits:

  • You are allowed to sell live shellfish and crustaceans
  • Did you know that live insects and worms that are used for agricultural purposes are also acceptable?
  • Amazon is an animal-friendly marketplace! It allows you to sell products “made to resemble prohibited animal parts or products, but which are not made from those animals.”
  • Even though Amazon is animal-friendly, it clearly sees the line between acceptable and offensive or intolerable. For example, it allows to sell animal parts or products that are not otherwise restricted, for example shark teeth jewelry!
  • If you comply with all the requirements of Amazon, you’re even allowed to sell veterinary diets! These are the products that are specifically created for dogs and cats. Their main goal is the improvement of nutritional management.

Restricted Animal Products

You too understand that there should be certain products that are unacceptable to sell. For example, would you, as an Amazon customer, be satisfied if your Amazon account was filled with products such as animal feces?  Apart from that, selling certain products can be not only unacceptable, but also abusive, rude and insulting. To make sure Amazon customers don’t experience that, we have what we have now!


And…Here are some examples of Amazon restricted products:


  • Before selling any product, make sure you educate yourself on the following acts: Endangered Species Act, and Lacey Act. If you don’t do that, you will sell animals that are prohibited under the following documents, such as endangered and injurious
  • As you can already understand, Amazon doesn’t allow selling animal feces on its platform! So don’t even try selling them, Amazon will catch you!
  • You are not expected to sell illegal wildlife products.
  • As we said, Amazon finds selling insects, shellfish and fish acceptable. However, if you’re intending to sell animals that do NOT fall under one of these categories, just forget about it: it’s for your own sake!
  • Always check the requirements of Amazon before selling there. So, if you understand that pet food is a pretty demanded category and decide to manufacture and sell it, read the policy first! What’s more, you can’t sell food that is not registered or licensed as required by law!
  • You know that Amazon is animal-friendly, right? Then it should be obvious that you’re not allowed to sell parts or products from cats or dogs! This would be extremely violent!
  • Vaccines are also considered as restricted products! So, if you decide to sell rabies, west nile virus, distemper, puppy cpv or lyme disease vaccines, change your mind as fast as possible!

The Worst-Case Scenario

If you ignore Amazon’s requirements, you will obviously face certain sanctions. However, sanctions of Amazon are extremely cruel, especially when it comes to an Amazon suspension! Just know that Amazon hates mistakes, because of which it gets crazy when you damage the customer service and therefore harm Amazon customers!

In these cases, Amazon usually takes away your account! The only thing that you can do is write an Amazon appeal, send it to Amazon and wait for a response! If you didn’t know anything about it, it’s time to educate yourself and take measures to avoid similar situations!

If you need help, we’re here! Our writers at Got Suspended Clients will reinstate your case if you feel that you cannot do it yourself. Stay strong and always work with professionals, this is our professional advice!