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One of the most annoying things that could happen to Amazon sellers, and sellers in general, is returns. Once you get a notification stating that your customer is not satisfied with your service or product’s quality, your day will probably be ruined. Therefore, as a seller, you have to do your best in order to reduce returns as much as possible. Of course, it is going to be a tedious process, but Got Suspended Clients know how to circumvent the sharp edges in order to succeed in this process. Let’s get it started!


Instead of Splashing A Thousand Words

It is a general rule of thumb that the image of your product is more productive than, for example, a description. Most of the buyers need just to look at the picture and they can make their decision about buying the product or not. Hence, you should pay more attention to your products’ images; it will help you drastically reduce returns in your Amazon business. Of course, it would be better to hire a professional photographer who will take care of your photos. But if you do not have enough budget, then try to ensure that all the pictures uploaded on your listing are clear and high-quality. Not a good camera in sight? We’re pretty sure there’s at least one person you are friends with who has a good camera. Time to give them a call!

It’s All About 360 Degrees

Whether you are taking your products’ photos by yourself or with the help of professionals, your main job is to ensure that all your products were shot with a 360-degree view. This will provide your buyers with a great opportunity to see the product from all the sides and zoom it to have a closer look. Thanks to this option, the customer can be sure about his or her purchase, and the product won’t be returned after being delivered.


Informed Costumers

Keep in mind that there are a group of customers who need to know as much information about the product as possible. The more information you provide, the less unanswered questions your customers will have. But don’t get carried away, and solely give information referring your product. Otherwise, you are risking facing a “not-as-described” Amazon suspension.


What about Videos?

Another weapon in your media arsenal is videos. Of course, we understand that making videos is harder than taking photos. However, it will provide your customers with a great opportunity at seeing the product both in use and in action.


As Detailed as Possible

If you are selling men’s clothes, you do not have to worry about this section; but believe us, if you are specializing in women clothing, you have to do your best in mentioning all the millimeters of your product. It’s perfectly clear that women are more cautious when it comes to product sizes, and the biggest part of returns comes exactly from this demographic of buyers. Therefore, it is in your interest to be as detailed about product sizes as possible.


Inverse Relationship

Another important part in the process of reducing returns is customer reviews. It will help you a lot in understanding your customers’ demands and learning the main reasons behind returns, thus preventing them in their early stages. Or, you can request a review in order to understand customers’ opinions concerning your product. We don’t recommend this too much, however.


You should be aware that in some cases, returns may cause real trouble in your business since your performance metrics will suffer as a result. And that will leave you with an Amazon suspension. With Got Suspended Clients, you do not have to worry about your account’s suspension, since we have a great deal of experience in reinstating every type of Amazon suspension you can think of. Contact us today, and don’t regret not doing so tomorrow!