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As the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, says “a brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”  This is something to consider before and after starting your brand: if you know in which direction you’re moving, you will find success! And what is more, if you know the secret of fighting against an Amazon suspension, you will be guaranteed! 


So let’s make this clear: you have created your own business, your own brand, and want to expand. This is a typical situation, so you’re not really alone! We’re serious! People with their own jewelry business that generates, let’s say, 2-3K per month, open an account on Amazon and double or even triple their income: it’s more than possible! 




However, not everything is that easy here, on Amazon. Yes, you may have a good brand and good products and still face different problems. Unfortunately, much depends on Amazon itself: if you don’t understand how Amazon thinks and what it expects, it is surely, not suitable for your eCommerce brand! 


So, here are the 3 Common Challenges for Amazon Sellers


Reason 1: The All-Famous Amazon Suspension


As you can guess from the first paragraph, the Amazon account suspension is one of the biggest obstacles standing on the way to success. If your account is suspended then it is no longer working: your listings are deactivated and your funds are withdrawn. 


Most of the sellers try to get their accounts back, but here’s the issue – Amazon has specific expectations and sellers don’t really know about them! Those who are sick and tired of the strict regulations, get in touch with their go-to Amazon appeal service and reinstate their store with their help.


Literally, everything can cause problems with Amazon: starting from selling inauthentic products and ending with no-reason suspensions! Even doing nothing can suspend your account, can you imagine? 


If you’re not ready for similar sanctions and penalties, you can choose another platform that has less strict rules and policies.  


Reason 2: Competing Against The Platform 


Yes, you’re not mistaken! Amazon is also a seller, and as you can assume, it sells better than any other seller. This can be easily explained: customers trust amazon more than they trust random sellers. For this very reason, you will have to compete and win the race against Amazon, which is not really easy! 


Whenever Amazon sees that a specific product is selling well, it uses the opportunity and starts selling on its own. If you feel that your brand is still small enough and you are not able to withstand the pressure, then maybe you should take your time, expand your brand on other platforms and only then try Amazon out. 


Reason 3: Counterfeiters Will Make it Hard!


If you are interested in how to sell on Amazon ask yourself the following question: “am I ready to be copied?” Even though Amazon takes certain measures to get rid of counterfeiters and policy infringers, they still exist! 


They spend their time observing new opportunities to copy and grow their “own” brand on Amazon, which can be not only stressful but also extremely nerve-wracking. In other words, you should either give up or keep the below-mentioned phrase in mind and be confident in whatever you do:


“You know you’re winning when you see you’re being copied”


As you can see, Amazon is not only about earning a fortune and having a great customer base: it’s also about Amazon suspensions, fierce competition, and counterfeiters who will do anything to copy and become the new “you.”


Just ask yourself if you’re ready or not and if yes, enjoy the selling process on Amazon. However, if you are afraid of suspensions where you can lose all your efforts and money, don’t be! This isn’t really an obstacle if you have a plan B, which is, by the way, working with an Amazon appeal service and having a stress-free life!