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You have not probably thought about the importance of minor details like monitoring your product expiration dates. Come to speak of it, that is a pretty major detail! Most sellers who run their business on Amazon do not follow Amazon’s rules for expired products, nor do they check the condition of the products, or follow Amazon Safety Guidelines.

Due to this irresponsible approach, you can come across with serious issues, such as Amazon seller suspension.

You probably wonder why you should pay attention to those expiration dates.

Keep in mind that Amazon costumers are always in the first place. Sellers are replaceable, but not costumers. If you offend Amazon’s costumers by sending them an expired product, you are walking on a tightrope because you are putting the safety of customers at risk by selling expired products.

Here are the main reasons why your product can be consider expired:

  • The expiration date has passed or is just around the corner
  • It tastes old and stale
  • It just looks like it’s pretty old

Stay Fresh to Avoid Expired Items Suspensions

Besides cleaning up your seller account from expired products, you should also implement the following actions:

  • Keep tracking expiration dates to ensure that items are sold before new ones arrive.
  • Make sure expiry dates are included on every item.
  • If your product’s date is close to expiration, withdraw it from your warehouse.
  • Check the storage condition such as temperature, humidity, and light.

In case some expired items escape your radar and your Amazon seller account gets suspended in the process, Got Suspended can help!

If you don’t want to interfere in all this painfully nuanced and time-intensive process, we can help you, since we have developed immunity to such kind of issues. The whole team of Got Suspended consists of professional individuals who can guide you during your Amazon account suspension.

First of all, we have to draft a proper Plan of Action. Keep in mind that a carefully prepared appeal is your chance at reinstating your selling privileges. Try to be more positive, figuring out the root cause of your suspension.

Your mission is to persuade Amazon that you take the whole responsibility for selling expired items, and will do your best to minimize such kind of issues in the future. You should show Amazon that you were taking action to improve your business. It is better to state that you hire an employee; you will check the expiration dates of all the products MANUALLY. Yes, at this stage of the problem, you have to put all your efforts to show Amazon that you are improving your business. Amazon has specific sections on selling used and expired items and it wants to make sure you’ve been doing your studying.

Got Suspended has hundreds of reinstated cases and satisfied customers, who are continuing to operate their business on Amazon. If you are interested in our help, just contact us, and we will reinstate your suspended account promptly. For more information, visit our web page, where you can find more information not only on Expired Items Suspension but also about different types of suspensions.