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Together with you and our Amazon specialists, we’re trying to find all the basic problems that Amazon sellers face, and why they happen. As a result of our investigations, we found numerous problems, and we are not going to stop! Today, we will be talking about Amazon’s system of sorting your products, and organizing them. What sellers hate the most about it, and why it happens all the time! If you’re excited, keep reading, you will learn lots of new things!

“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”

As you know, Amazon is always careful with its customers and their satisfaction. Support of its customers is the most important thing that Amazon has, and you have to respect it. However, sometimes, you can respect the rules and policies, but still have problems with the platform. Why? Because Amazon’s system is broken, and sellers suffer from it!


A seller, concerned with the recent events, created a post in Amazon Seller central. According to it, Amazon ignored the fact that the product had reasonable expiration dates, and marked three products expired.

“Earlier this week we noticed that Amazon marked three of our SKUs as expired when they still have another six months of remaining shelf life.”

But what could Amazon Seller do, if Amazon had their product in its warehouse, and simply ignored them, because of being “old”?

It seems like Amazon isn’t following its own policies, and that’s true to some extent! Amazon itself says that “At the time of check-in at the fulfillment center, all products must have a remaining shelf life that allows sufficient time for the product to be consumed in full plus an additional 90 days.” Now what else can we assume other than the system is broken? Nothing!

No Failure Unimportant Enough

We should never forget the fact that Amazon pays attention to every failure of the seller, and if Amazon marks products as expired, it means something. Imagine that Amazon has gathered lots of information which proves that you’re a horrible Amazon seller. And each and every mistake adds on to that list of failures, and the situation just gets worse and worse all the time. What else can we say? Sometimes people don’t deserve a suspension, but they still get it!

If you have been in a similar situation, you just know how wrong it feels. And yes, this is a very common thing to happen on Amazon, and Amazon sellers can confirm that.  “This is happening more and more. It’s always been a problem that Amazon’s system doesn’t always have the correct expiration date for products. Now it’s taking them more than 30 days to send someone to look at the actual product for the expiration date.”

As you can see, even Amazon’s system can get out of hand, and unfortunately, Amazon sellers suffer from that. In the Amazon world, everything can trigger a suspension, so be careful! However, if the evil was already triggered, you can rectify your (or maybe Amazon’s) mistakes together with our specialists at Got Suspended Clients! We will analyze your case, and create a perfect appeal for your account. In a short period of time, the account will be reinstated, and you will be satisfied!