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You’re Not Alone!

In our everyday working process, we meet thousands of sellers who Got Suspended Clients and found us, as a professional Amazon appeal service. Right off the bat, we communicate with our clients to detect the problem, and devise the strategy of reinstating the account. In the interim, many suspended sellers whom we are working with, tell us the story of how they took the advice of others, because “that’s what they did.” There are many reasons for getting suspended, and this is the worst one. It is like being asleep at the wheel, not paying attention to the drawbacks of the taken advice. Sometimes they can consume you, and instead of doing the right things, you are just boiling the ocean and bringing yourself one step closer to an Amazon account suspension. In one word, it’s tricky, and you deserve to know all the truth about the advice others give. Now let’s have a quick tour in the maze of false advice and misinformation.

It’s Been Like This for Many Years

“I have been doing this since 2017”, they said. It will help you, they said. Unfortunately, this is far from being true.  It’s been a while, and finally, Amazon changes its policies on a regular basis, and sometimes, even the smallest actions can make Amazon angry. In short, make sure you scanned through Amazon’s ever-changing policies and learned them to the best of your abilities because this is what it takes to be an Amazon seller.

A9 is Artificially Dumb, Not Intelligent!

“Amazon’s software is not able to notice the small modifications on your account.” No matter how hard you try, Amazon will find you, and Amazon will suspend you! This is why they made A9 in the first place! Taking this advice leads the seller to make use of the review and other services that promise you to boost your business and income. However, Amazon is smart, very smart, and will catch you off guard and suspend you. If it was easy to take the first advice, this one shouldn’t even be discussed, because in this case we’re talking about almost illegal and dishonest actions.

Money Talks, Man!

“These products are selling like hotcakes,” “This supplier is in a pressing demand.” These two seem nice and harmless; however, they are not. Now let’s dig deeper and understand what stands behind this advice which makes your business go down the drain. First of all, if the product is on fire, it means that everyone tends to sell them in their store. Logically, you won’t be unique in this industry, and therefore, you won’t be able to grow, to go further. Do a mini-research, and find demanded products, which, however, won’t be sold by the world and its wife!

Just Trust an Amazon Reinstatement Service

Long story short, listen to your instinct, but always check it with professional Amazon appeal or e-commerce services, and you will never get suspended because of vague and fuzzy advice. We at Got Suspended Clients are working day and night to reinstate your accounts. We are trying to provide the best service for our suspended clients and if you need help, Got Suspended Clients got your back!