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It’s said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We definitely agree! Here’s a “not-to-do” list which we’ve put together that will help you avert any risk of suspension on Amazon in the first place. Enough letting Amazon have the upper hand! Follow this list, and you’ll never have your selling privileges taken away.

  • Don’t work with distribution companies that look shady. If something feels off, go directly to the brands.
  • Keep every invoice you get. Don’t throw them away! You might need them later.
  • Stay away from software which automatically creates listings. Make sure there’s no mismatch between the actual product and the listing.
  • Amazon has a list of prohibited products. Make sure you don’t sell any of them.
  • Don’t sell used items as new! Believe it or not, customers can actually find out. Also, keep an eye on those expiration dates. You don’t want to sell anything which is expired or is about to expire.
  • Make sure you don’t snooze customer complaints and questions. This can damage your ODR, among other things.
  • There should be no information mismatch on your part. Make sure nothing varies.
  • Don’t list items for sale randomly. Make sure you’re allowed to sell them first. It’s super easy to find out. Grab that phone and call the brands!
  • Make sure you, your parents, your friends, and your doctor don’t use the same IP address to create Amazon accounts. Also, stay away from public Wi-Fi. You never know who else was suspended under that.
  • This is common sense. Don’t sell fake products.
  • Did you read that Amazon policy on drop shipping? Don’t order from those retailers!
  • Just be fair when it comes to pricing. We’re not here to trump each other with competition.
  • It’s not that hard to follow Amazon’s Code of Conduct. Make sure you’re not being an outlaw!


Keep in mind that even by following the points mentioned above, every seller can still be at risk of suspension due to Amazon changing its policies on day-to-day basis. That being said, taking heed of all these precautions and keeping pace with Amazon’s changes will make your life easier and you’ll be less likely to get a suspension from Amazon. Even if you do get hit, we’ll be here to pick up the pieces!