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Our Story Continues

Alibaba is considered to be one of the largest Chinese e-commerce wholesale companies. And most of the sellers around the world prefer to source their products from this platform and resell them on Amazon. Of course, Alibaba provides attractive treats for sellers; however, before sourcing your goods from this store, you have to consider all the pros and cons and ensure whether Alibaba is as innocent as it’s generally understood to be. Today, we at Got Suspended Clients are going to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of sourcing products from Alibaba and selling them on Amazon, in order to avoid any Issues within your Amazon business.


Is it Safe?

Of course, if you are a beginner on Amazon and do not want to risk your business, sourcing from Alibaba can be a daunting experience, since there are lots of twists and turns that you should get the hang of before diving in this Eastern tale.

Sourcing from Alibaba is pretty safe; however, as with any supplier, you have to follow several rules in order to avoid any unforeseen consequences within your business. It is up to you whether you cut a deal with a trustful supplier or fall into the hands of a fraudster. And, wow, there are so many of them on Alibaba!


One Thousand and One Reasons to Source Form Alibaba

Naturally, one would think that sourcing products from Alibaba and selling them on Amazon would be a terrible idea, and it kind of is. But still, many choose the option.

Well, let’s try to understand why sourcing from Alibaba is so popular among Amazon sellers.

First of all, Alibaba offers good products with attractive prices directly from manufacturers or suppliers. Additionally, the process of ordering and getting products is very simple and does not take long. On top of that, Alibaba provides a wide range of white-label products for further rebranding. This is perfect for those who are doing private label on Amazon. Another advantage of sourcing from Alibaba is that US dollar is too valuable for Chinese suppliers. By registering on Alibaba, you will get access to millions of wholesale suppliers who are open to cooperate with you.


One Thousand and One Reason To NOT Source form Alibaba

As in every tale, there are both positive and negative characters. If you decide to source your goods from Alibaba, we have some cautionary advice. First of all, keep in mind that there are lots of suppliers who do not hold inventory in their own warehouses. So, there can be fluctuations in product quality. Another disadvantage is that Alibaba collects fees for its service and of course, this is a big disadvantage for you as a seller. The worse part is that by sourcing products in bulk, you can be faced with lots of damaged or lost products. You cannot be 100% sure whether you’ll get a high-quality product or a cheap knock-off. Imagine selling that latter on Amazon! We don’t even want to go there!


As you can see, every story has bad elements, and good ones. Alibaba is the same. So, it is up to you whether you are ready to take a chance, or prefer working with authorized suppliers from the get-go, which is what we recommend at Got Suspended?. You should keep in mind that by selling low-quality products on Amazon, you’ll be playing with fire. If Amazon detects this, you will get suspended immediately for selling inauthentic products. Our Got Suspended Clients team can assist you both in finding reliable suppliers and in reinstating your suspended account, but we would much rather you stay on the right track before that happens. If the road takes an ugly turn, just reach out us and we will handle all the problems you’re facing in your Amazon business!