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Most of the sellers operating on Amazon feel confident since they are reading books, watching videos, and, in their opinion, have substantial experience in selling on Amazon. The suspension does not concern them since they are armed with all the necessary information.

Are you one of these sellers?

Not so fast…

As practice shows, most of the Amazon sellers are aware of the most common reasons for suspensions, such as safety issues, policy infringement, or inauthentic item complaints. However, there are several reasons that sellers are unaware of, which may end up in having their seller account suspended.

Imagine the situation; after long, painstaking efforts in building your business on Amazon, you are suddenly notified about your account suspension. Why? Heaven knows!

It’s OK. There’s no need to panic. Because there are others who know the reasons too. Among them is our team of experts at Got Suspended.

Let’s take a ride, shall we?

At first sight, it is easy to follow the Amazon seller Code of Conduct; however, you can get your account suspended even if you thought you were taking all the necessary precautions and were a good seller for Amazon. Suddenly the suspension comes in like a hurricane.

We’ll try to unmask some of these unlikely culprits behind Amazon seller suspensions.

Hacked Accounts

We already went over this in detail in a previous blog, but let’s do a quick review.

Even if you put endless efforts in providing the best service for your costumers, and follow all the Amazon’s rules and policies, your seller account can be hacked at any time. Hackers gain unauthorized access to your account, by sending messages to your email address and fishing out your account information. When they have the access, they’ll start operating your account like puppeteers, sometimes without you even knowing. A9 will notice, and before you realize, Amazon has suspended your seller account.

Information Changes

Sometimes, unbeknownst to you, Amazon will suspend your account because of an information change that might seem like you’re up to no good, even if you’re not.

Remember to always notify Amazon any time there is a change of information on your Seller Central. It might be a credit card; it might be something as simple as a phone number. Amazon needs to know. It’s like coming home to see that your roommate has changed the entire layout of your bedroom without telling you! No one likes that, and Amazon is no exception.

Anything That Doesn’t Add Up

By anything, we mean anything. Amazon keeps a close eye on your account, especially if you’re a new business and it is constantly checking for anything that doesn’t add up. This will have your Amazon seller account suspended. This could be a small detail, like the spacing of your business entity title. Yes, even spacing between words can and does lead to Amazon seller account suspension.

As you can see, it’s always the typical reason for which Amazon suspends your seller account. Sometimes the reason is very tricky to pinpoint. We know, they seem unlikely, but they do get you suspended. But that’s OK. There are ways you can dodge Amazon account suspensions even due to small details. Here are a couple of pointers:

  • Do not click on links you weren’t supposed to receive. If it looks shady, just shoot it to your trash folder.
  • Make sure you notify Amazon whenever you make any changes in your information. Also, be sure to match the new information to the old one. If a phone number changes, it has to change on all the documentation.
  • When submitting the information Amazon requests, make sure you nail everything down to a T. Names, addresses, phone numbers, commas, full-stops, all of this matter.

If you still get hit with an Amazon seller account suspension and can’t figure out why just let us at Got Suspended know. We’re pretty sure nothing can pass under our radar, not even the smallest things. And after all, the devil is always in the detail! Reinstate your seller account now with the help of our team.